Top notch customer relations from Lego... or a made-up bit of guff?

Here’s the latest slice of ‘excellent customer service’ that is doing the rounds virally (remember the Sainsburys giraffe bread?). It’s purportedly a response from Lego to a heartfelt letter from a young boy who had lost one of his minifigs.

Do we think it’s real or not? And does the fact that it’s spreading across the socialmediasphere render that question irrelevant? And will Lego subsequently make it on to the shortlist for our Best Company In Britain 2012 vote later today? Hmmm, so many questions…


  • AJ
    They have sent me replacement parts for the 9V sets before when I was younger, all I asked was a source on where to buy them, in an email, 2 weeks get the parts in the post! Plus who doesnt like LEGO?
  • Alexis
    It probably is genuine. 9 times out of 10 if a child writes to a company they tend to get a nice email or letter back.
  • badger
    Good on you Lego. Nice one.
  • Dick
    Looks real to me. They reply to letters like that.
  • klingelton
    probably real. cost to lego corporate - pennies. value to the company: customer for life.
  • Joe S.
    Good job, LEGO. I find it a little sad that these days whenever a company does something good, the instant reaction is to cry "FAKE!" or "VIRAL STUNT!". We are all used to companies being cold-hearted and having crap customer service. It's nice to know some companies can still do things right.
  • P O.
    I've had free replacement parts from Lego for my son before aswell it is a quality outfit. Though tbh I'd rather have paid for them and the cost of Lego reduced to megabloks level! Btw my son is not made of Lego.
  • Grazyna
    why you surprised? plastic bricks are cheap to make so with a box of lego you buy customer service as well.
  • Sicknote
    True letter IMHO One of my sons lost some parts to a kit and wrote an equally pleading letter to Lego and they responded with a new kit and some other freebies. Top company they are at Lego.
  • Raggedy
    My 8 year old son wrote to South West Trains complaining that he had to stand in the cold for ages waiting for a train and then had nowhere to sit once it arrived. They wrote back saying things would get better because they were putting the fares up to improve other areas of the country and suggesting perhaps he moved to a different place. (Names withheld to protect the innocence, actual events based on fact although this is not a true story, your home may be at risk if you keep travelling by rail and paying over the odds for a shoddy service)
  • Paul C.
    I sick of these little cunts pretending to send emails to big companies under the guise of their parents. What a load of shit. Be more careful - you lost it - FUCKING LEARN A LESSON.
  • bittertraveller
    Dear Amsterdam I've lost my father somewhere in your city in some festering brothel. Mother warned him not to leave the house. Can you please send me a replacement? Signed, Child of any travelling business man.
  • samuri
    Dear Ferrari, I have lost my car for my keys please would you send me a replacement as im only 2 yours, Jeremy Clarkson
  • fra
    e-mail doesnt look like it was written by a 7 year old, what 7 year old would think of including a part number?
    Lego are ace. There's a girl in the Meadowhall shop that spends ages talking to my kids in great detail about things that are life-of-death to them. She often sends them away with a freebie of some sort. Like others have said, it costs the company pennies to do but the customer loyalty is priceless. If it wasn't for the service, we'd never set foot in the Lego store as it's totally overpriced and too hot, but my kids actually WANT us to take them to Meadowhall just so they can go there. That's gotta be a good result for Lego.
  • Suzanne V.
    Doesn't Luka live on the second floor?
  • Ray
    Which version? The original or the Lemonheads cover?

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