Time To Hand In Those Scam Letters Crimefighters!

Have you received a letter which claims that you’re the winner of some obscure foreign lottery draw? Maybe you’ve had a missive from a psychic who says he has important information for you from the afterlife.

Or perhaps the postman has delivered correspondence from a tiny three-eyed man called George Georgie-Georgeson who tells you that you’ve inherited 75% of the Virgin Islands and in order to confirm your identity you need to send him a large sum of cash and one of your teeth.

If so, you’re being scammed. But you knew that didn’t you? Ordinarily, you’d lazily scrunch the letter into a ball and chuck it in an awayular direction, but the Scamnesty is here, and you can now help to track down and hopefully stop the postal rot.

A campaign set up by the Office of Fair Trading and Trading Standards and running from the 2nd-15th of February, it involves the public handing in scam letters to increase intelligence about the phenomenon that affects an estimated three million people in the UK every year.

17 councils are taking part – there’s a list here and if you get in touch with your local council they’ll be able to tell you where to dump your scam mail.

Yes, we know a Scamnesty should involve the scammers handing in their own mail but there’s more chance of Newcastle United winning the Premier League than that happening.


  • Amanda H.
    This is just a ploy for councils to find out which methods are best to use for themselves. Dear Mrs Hugginnkiss I am writing on behalf of my sister, the "queen" of England, she is in Jale and needs £1002 for bale. When she gets out, she promises to give yoo windsir castle and 12 corgis. MAke your pay ment via Western Onion for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Yours sinserely Manchester City Council Tax Department
  • Paul N.
    Sooo good :D Thanks Hugginkiss
  • Mike H.
    I keep getting letters asking for money from my council, entitled, 'FINAL DEMAND!' and COUNCIL TAX pfffft, do they think I'm stupid? I just tear them up and put them in the bin with the FINAL DEMAND CREDIT CARD letters!
  • ungulator
    ^^^^ both the same person?
  • Amanda H.
    No, I am the world famous PatoTheDuck, bow thrice young padawan.
  • Tony Q.
    As a Newcastle United fan who's had family caught out by scam letters... That's funny as fuck!
  • The B.
    Sorry, but anyone caught out by these without doing any research first isn't the brightest button in the box are they? And I exclude the elderly from that as they appear to be immune to any sort of thinking when it comes to scams, they trust everyone which is a good trait but it don't half get them into some jams.
  • Bob
    Is it worth putting Readers Digest stuff in?!
  • OFI
    Can I forward the emails to them? ;-) Never had one through the mail before..
  • Jonathan
    I received a spam e-mail a few months ago and unluckily entered my personal details. Since then junk mail has bombarded my house and even when I requested my data to be removed I have received the same letter again!. Be careful, do not submit personal information to these people, who will sell your details to third parties. Letter below for reference: We thank you for the past interest in our products. I would like to invite you to: Grand Designs Live Exhibition, NEC Birmingham. 9-11 October Now less than 6 weeks away! We have purchased and are giving away: 500 Free Show Tickets - Worth £18 each. To order your FREE show tickets, follow this link to our website: http://www.balconette.co.uk/en/uk/Exhibition/Tickets.aspx Visit us on Stand B318 at the Grand Design Live Exhibition, NEC Birmingham, 9th, 10th and 11th October 2009. This is one of the biggest contemporary design events in the UK. We will be showing off all our latest innovations; Curved Sliding Patio Doors, Curved Balustrades, Juliette Balconies and our much talked about balustrade finish ?ROYAL CHROME? There will be a 10% discount on all orders placed at the show. The tickets will be sent out to you a couple of weeks before the show I hope you come to the show and I look forward to seeing you there. Kind regards, Lesley Woodcraft Manager Balcony Systems Limited Unit 5, Forest Row Business Park Station Road, Forest Row East Sussex RH18 5DW
  • Par &.
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