Ticket companies agree to play fair (a bit)

If you remember, a few months ago Which! started a campaign against ticket agencies and their evil hidden fees. Well, now all but four of the companies they named and shamed have agreed to stop being so underhand and hideous and show all their charges upfront - instead of adding them on at the end.


The Which! Play Fair campaign outed several well-known online agencies such as Ticketmaster, Ticket Soup and Ticket Web, and criticised them for tacking on random and completely unquantifiable charges at the final stages of buying your ticket. So, say, for example, if you bought a ticket for Jimmy Carr at the Enormodome, then an inexplicable fee would appear as you put your card details in. These can be anything from a registration or credit card fee, to a ‘Just Because You Exist’ fee.

But this is only the beginning of the Which! crusade. The real problem isn’t transparency as much as the fact they’re adding fees on willy nilly in the first place.

So Which! are now calling on ticket companies to justify their fees – especially for things like printing out tickets (for which several companies charge up to £3).

Say something concise yet stirring, Ricardo Lloyd…

'The show is now over for hidden ticket fees with some of the biggest ticket companies promising to display all compulsory charges upfront. But people are still concerned at the level of some fees so we will continue to challenge the industry to clearly explain their fees and set them at a fair level.'

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