The future's brighter, thanks to Orange

7 December 2009

Last week we reported on the rock-vs-hard place conundrum faced by Bitterwallet reader Robert, whose daughter cancelled her Orange mobile contract in August and received verbal confirmation she was canceling-without-fee. The mobile service provider then proceeded to charge her £164 for the remainder of her contract and passed the debt onto Moorcroft Debt Recovery Ltd - not one of the favourite debt collection agencies judging by your comments.

The situation was causing Robert and his daughter a barrel of grief and sleeplessness, but happily Orange have come up trumps after we contacted them regarding the situation. A spokesperson told Bitterwallet:

"We have reviewed the case in question and are contacting the customer to apologise for any confusion this matter may have caused them. We can confirm the charges associated with the issue specific to this account have been dropped."

We've popped out and bought a hat specifically to doff it in Orange's general direction. Dealing with debt collectors is never fun, especially when there's a question mark over the debt. We've some advice for folk finding themselves in a similar position here.


  • ronnie
    well done!
  • SJT
    Make sure you check your credit record. Orange did this to me about 8 yrs ago, and I found they had put several black marks on my record. After several more letters, they were taken off (eventually!)

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