Terrible tradesmen cost the UK nearly £2 billion

You know what it’s like. You try to find a reputable tradesman, and some pie eating git with a gut the size of the moon comes into your house, whistles through his teeth and tells you it’ll cost a thousand quid to put up a shelf. Then they bugger it up and you have to pay someone else to do it.

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Well, last year, incompetent tradesmen cost UK householders an estimated £1.9 BILLION in botched repairs that had to be redone.

The figures, from the TrustMark tradesman scheme, said that one in five people who have had work done in their homes have had to employ someone else to fix problems – costing an average of £600.

The problems start when trying to choose someone from the job. A quarter of us will employ people based on recommendations from friends and family, while 57% of homeowners didn’t bother to check their qualifications. 6% of us simply go for the cheapest quote.

TrustMark is a government endorsed set of standards for tradesmen, which has been updated and is due to be launched soon. Consumer minister Jenny Willot said:

‘Every trader who has signed up to the scheme has been independently assessed for their competence. We want to put rogue or unscrupulous tradesmen out of business. One of the best ways to do this is to pick out the best businesses, so people know where to turn first for their home improvements, maintenance and repairs.I would encourage all legitimate and honest tradesmen to sign up to this scheme.’

That's all well and good. But if you were a dishonest tradesman, wouldn’t you just sign up for it anyway?


  • Car M.
    Trust Mark is another load of bollocks to try and extract cash from tradesmen. If your any good all your work comes from word of mouth, if your not you sign up for shit like this.
  • Aelynn
    Just getting tradesmen to turn up and give a quote in the first place can be a challenge, let alone finding one that you can trust to do a proper job at a fair price.
  • Whisky
    All tradesman are a bunch of useless muppets. If you want it done right do it yourself. When I bought my house it had just had a new boiler fitted by a "gas safe" engineer. All certified and above board. Maybe, but a solder in the gas pipe was fucking leaking. Re-did it myself and no more problems. No doubt the plumber was gas safe but I bet his apprentice monkey fitted the boiler while he sat wanking in the van. In the last 20 or so years a myth has been perpetuated about just how hard building work is and a look of shock usually descends on peoples faces at work when they found out I built an extension in my spare time. Lets face it; if laying bricks were hard you would need better qualifications then GSCEs which spelt FUDGE.

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