Take your Fruit Shoots back to the shop. They are dangerous.

We all know that children are our future. Let’s teach them well and let them lead the way*. Let’s not try to damage them with sharp bits of plastic from the caps of their drinks, eh.


Britvic, manufacturers of Fruit Shoot, that sugar (or sweetener)-filled brightly coloured bottle of running around and screaming a lot have recalled ALL of their fruit shoot bottles featuring the new ''spill proof Magicap”. They claim this is a “precautionary measure” due to “packaging safety”, but our sources tell us that the ''easy to open sports cap” could break , leaving sharp jagged edges. Not conducive to an enjoyable slurp for the kiddies.

Anyone with a new fruit shoot, or fruit shoot hydro, should return it to the retailer for a refund. Knowing how you guys like a deal, it is possible you could have bought a load of affected drinks from  Poundland but mistakenly decide to take them back to M&S for a refund. Unless they ask for a receipt of course. But who keeps receipts for “fast-moving consumer goods”, of which Britvic claims Fruit Shoot is the Number 1 brand. Or was.

Britvic say that they will be advertising the recall in national newspapers today, but interestingly, the recall notice is not shown on the Fruit shoot website, in whose happy land Britvic are still promoting the new bottles. Anyone who finds the idea of a product recall hard to fathom can call Britvic on 0800 0321767 or contact them via internet here . Britvic stress that Fruit Shoot My-5 and other Robinson’s products are not affected, it is just the two Fruit Shoot brands mentioned here that could potentially damage your children. And have a recall notice. Arf arf.

*probably best to avoid showing them the beauty they possess inside though.


  • Exit b.
    Because M&S dont sell Fruit Shoots, idiots.
  • W0NkEy H.
    Waitrose do.
  • qwertyuiop
    Waitrose is a supermarket, M&S isn't....
  • Fruity S.
    These aren't just sharp jagged edges...
  • W0NkEy H.
    Let's list everything that M&S isn't...
  • klingelton
    ... good.
  • Majorie D.
    ... value for money.
  • confused c.
    ... open 24 hours a day.
  • Fruity S.
  • W0NkEy H.
    ...a good place for finding foxes.
  • Mr C.
  • Shoot F.
    ...a good place to avoid old people smelling of wee
  • whatsit t.
    ...a good place to avoid blacks
  • Filter P.
    ...a good place to avoid gays.

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