Taiwan: the latest country to ban Uber

uber taxi Taiwan are the latest country to ban Uber taxis, after Spain announced that the company isn't allowed to operate on their shores.

Taiwan's transport ministry said the taxi company is operating "in violation of the law", and that they're looking at blocking access to their website and mobile app too. Ministry of Transportation and Communications Deputy Director Liang Guo Guo said: "If Uber obtains the proper license it can continue operating in Taiwan. The company has not made clear how it plans to proceed."

Liang said that, from the end of the week, if Uber continue to trade, they will face huge fines, in excess of £60,000 a pop, for a host of things including operating a transportation service without a proper license.

Taiwanese officials are looking into the matter, but the whole thing is being held up because the country hasn't had to deal with such a case before. Uber have already paid some of a fine, but are contesting the rest of it in court.

"It's quite vexing as there's no precedent for this kind of issue," Liang said. This could buy Uber some time, but it looks like this isn't the last ban on Uber.

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