Swiftcover offering lousy 10% discount if you have a dashcam

29 April 2014

With fraudulent car insurance claims on the up, Swiftcover have become the first insurer to offer reduced premiums to people with dashboard cameras – so they can obtain concrete evidence and settle claims quicker.

They reckon it’ll save you £33 a year, but of course, you’ll have to buy the dashcam if you don’t already have one, which will cost you about £25.95. So it’s not actually worth it. But it IS making THEIR life easier!

Roman Bryl from said: 'We believe that by using a dashcam and being able to accurately and quickly establish who was at fault, we will save money and therefore motorists will significantly benefit from lower premiums and more responsible driving.’

So, er, YOU’RE not going to save money. Well, perhaps a little under a fiver a year. But it would make them happy and save them money. Hmmm. Something tells me they’ve not really thought this brilliant offer through. If it’s so important to have visual evidence of liability when you claim, why don’t they just give you a free one when you join?

But, if you’re really hellbent on that 10% discount, perhaps you could make some of your money back by using your dashcam to make dogging films. Or, if you’re super amazing musician Kim Deal, you could use it to make an awesome lo-fi music video, like this one.

(Just a thought.)


  • JC
    about £25.95
  • Mick T.
    It'll only save you a fiver in the first year if you have to cover the cost of a cheap dashcam, thereafter it will save you the full 10% off your premium, unless you intend to buy a new dashcam every year?
  • God
    A £25 dash cam isnt worth the cost of the card it is packed in, not even if bought direct from a Chinese supplier (believe me, I have tried). £60-£100 is a more likely price range (direct from China), or £200-£300 if you buy in the UK. HOW MANY YEARS TO BREAK EVEN!!!!!!!
  • Iain
    And what would happen if the camera failed to record for some reason in the event of an accident (dodgy battery, or other technical faults which plague such devices), would your insurance be invalidated?

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