Surprise surprise: breakfast biscuits are rubbish

It’s always been hard to imagine how the dry discs that are Belvita breakfast biscuits could constitute a healthy, filling breakfast. And guess what? They’re full of sugar and fat – so much so that you may as well scoff a packet of Hob Nobs in a bowl with some milk.


That’s according to Which! who tested a range of breakfast biscuits, and found that seven out of ten of them had more sugar per 100g than a Digestive biscuit. Most breakfast biscuits, like Oat So Simple bars, Belvita and McVities are full of ‘healthy’ honey (sugar) and yoghurt (fat). But they usually contain around 25% sugar - compared to Corn Flakes (8% sugar) and Digestives with 16.6% sugar.

It’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to eat them anyway, but Which! have decreed that breakfast biscuits are, essentially, just biscuits in disguise.

Richard Headland from Which! said: ‘It's tempting to grab a breakfast biscuit when you're on the go, but we've found they're not always the healthiest choice. You're probably better off with a bowl of porridge or a healthier cereal, like Weetabix.'



  • Mister S.
    Any news on how healthy lunch marmalade is?
  • Mike O.
    Of course they're not the same price as digestives though are they? No because they're in a posh box and come in individual sachets. Rip off central.
  • Kevin
    Biscuits for breakfast? What's next? Unicorns shitting talking pineapples on to your head? Which! is missing the point, if you could have cereal you'd have it, the biscuits are something you can shove in your bag for your commute. They work as in they taste nice, but whats wrong with biscuits?
  • james d.
    if you just go to B&M bargains these are always there for £1.59, it's actually pretty cheap then.
  • jo
    Got a box of these by my bed, theyve been there months because they are horrible. Im going to give them to my mum to feed her dogs with.
  • jt
    "What shall we do with theses sweepings from the floor?" "Make them into 'breakfast biscuits' and sell them for 5 times the price of regular biscuits"
  • Moo
    Except the Belvita actually have around 15% sugar. Less sugar and fat than a digestive. Whole grains, and added vitamins. I find them tastier. And they're healthier. And if you compare them to any sugary cereal, toast with jam or honey, granola, even museli etc. then they can easily come up favourable.

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