Subway to be sued over an inch of bread

Remember us writing about a man complaining about his Subway 'footlong' being an inch short? Well, things are about to enter a new stage of exasperating uselessness as two men are suing Subway for an inch of bread.

They claim that they are frequently selling footlong sandwiches that are slightly too short.

Subway issued a statement about the previous complaint, saying that sandwich length can vary when food is not baked in the exact correct way. Of course, sandwiches can shrink too, if you leave them out to go cold while you take photographs of them.

Either way, the two men from New Jersey have filed a lawsuit through lawyer, Stephen DeNittis. He says: "The case is about holding companies to deliver what they've promised," and is seeking compensation for damages, as well as wanting Subway to change their practices.

Of course, it has occurred to no-one that people irritated at Subway butties could actually take their item back to the counter and say 'I've just measured this sandwich and it wasn't a footlong... when you've stopped laughing at me, could I please have one that is twelve inches long?' rather than all this weak-wristed nonsense.


  • bah h.
    fat americans in law suit shocker......
  • Mustapha S.
    Trouble is, it will probably win.
  • M4RKM
    Subway to rename their sandwich. Half Size & Full Size. No mention of measurements means that lawsuits can't happen.
  • WILDaboutFinance
    Some people have too much time on their hands I guess. Then again an inch is an inch, it can be the difference between a big one and a small one, or so my wife says. haha
  • Darren
    @M4RKM Still no good, as someone will complain that the "half size" is not half of the full size one.
  • Euan
    @Darren - given that they make the half size ones by cutting one of their buns in half, hard to see how you could argue it's not a "half sized" one...
  • Captain W.
    @Euan how many subway staff have you seen using a ruler for this most delicate of operations?
  • Alexis
    Compensation for damages? That's about 25p per sandwich isn't it? Morons.
  • Captain W.
    Christ, if they win it's going to be carnage in the fa(s)t food world. Virtually the whole world* are going to be suing KFC. * Those who don't live in Kentucky
  • zeddy
    Yes CW and how many Mr or Mrs McDonald do you know who run those shops? And are they the king of burgers anyway?
  • Spencer
    suing for damages!? is this the stress and anxiety caused by the missing bread? the funny thing is... there isn't actually any missing bread at all... the bread is made from pre-made dough which is weighed and portioned in the factory... these pre-portioned dough balls are then frozen and shipped out to stores. Each of these doughballs is defrosted, rolled out and baked (usually in store). if the 'sandwich technician' doesn't roll it correctly you end up with the dough being slightly too short but nevertheless it is made from the same amount of dough regardless ... in essence - a footloong contains exactly as much bread as an 11" sub... there is no 'missing inch'.
  • dougie
    all jokes aside, we do have the increasingly sneaky issue of food manufacturers shrinking the size of food whilst increasing the prices for them. these guys are theoretically saving millions of pounds by providing 11" subs, instead of the full sized ones. think of it this way - many jaffa cake packs only have 11 cakes in them, not 12. how much money do they save by this sneaky tactic??
  • Samantha
    This is all detracting from the far more serious issue of shouldn't they be called 30cm longs? over here?

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