Slow broadband can knock 20% off house prices

When you’re buying a house, what do you look for? Plenty of space? A garden? A dining kitchen? Close to vital amenities, like a kebab shop?

house broadband

Well, according to a survey of 3000 people by Rightmove, speedy broadband has shot up the list of requirements for house hunters. In fact the people surveyed placed decent broadband up there with decent transport links and decent schools – and if your broadband is slow, it could knock up to 20% off the value of your home.

It’s now such a concern that Rightmove have introduced a Broadband Checker button on their site so you can work out whether your prospective property will be 4G or ye olde dial up.

Bernard Phillips from Rightmove said: ‘Broadband has become ingrained in people's lives and is an important factor when choosing a home.’

Some experts have called it ‘the fourth utility’, and as super fast broadband is available in three out of four homes, people are starting to turn down houses in areas that don’t have it.

After all, who wants to buy a country pile and then find out you can’t even get Netflix? What would you DO all day? Walk the dog, breathe the country air, devote yourself to simple real life pleasures like cooking and gardening?



  • Euan
    Have to admit, when I was house hunting a couple of years ago, shite broadband was enough to knock a couple of places off the list for me.
  • Lisa L.
    Can they give you a on the spot fine if u dnt arrange to pay by the end of the week by direct debit?
  • Slacker
    Here in the sticks the broadband is complete shite. If that's the price I have to pay not to have such mouth-breathers becoming my neighbours then so be it.

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