Sky slams the door on its lying door-to-door sales force

salesman Sky are getting rid of their doorstep sales service after allegations that sales staff had lied about broadband speeds so they could hit commission targets.

The (mis)sales team are called ‘Sky Walkers’ - a name which would make any sensible person attempt to trap their knackers in the letter box – and 550 of them will be getting their cards with immediate effect.

Sky chose not to mention the lying (OH HAI, RUPERT). Instead, they focussed on the fact that people don’t trust doorstep salespeople anyway. Which turns out to be the correct instinct. A Sky spokesperson mumbled:

‘As customers choose other ways to buy our products, door-to-door sales are becoming less viable and we're proposing to withdraw from this activity. We'll consult with employees before taking a final decision and will work to find alternative roles for those affected should the proposal go ahead.’

So instead of Sky Wankers, they plan to use Sky call centre wankers instead, which will be SO much less irritating, won’t it?

*slams door*


  • james
    well they should get rid of the customer services staff who say you can get 40mbps but you only get 14mbps and pay £20 for the privilege.
  • Slacker
    We had one of them round here not long ago. As soon as I saw his 'Sky' ID badge I shut the door without saying anything, and the cheeky twat put his foot in it! One can only hope that he'll be one of the 550 that's out on their arse.
  • a '.
    Wow. I wonder which dark and miserable crack this 'reporter' crawled out of to come out with such bitterness? It sounds like one of our sales reps has had the terrible experience of coming across you one day and I can just picture the scene now. Your such a snotty nose cow that when he knocked on your door, you gave him a torrent of abuse and he gave you a bit back and you didn't like it. Aww..diddums. Well guess what... He is human. He has (not for much longer) a job. He tries his hardest to fulfil that job role by visiting a residential area every 6 months to see if people would like to join Sky. Hardly a nuisance is it. These people we're put in place to assist those who prefer a friendly face rather than automated phone call or a complicated 3 hour online session for those not savvy with technology. He is wearing a bright blue jacket with SKY written all over it so don't have to listen to a speech to get the gist of his visit. If it's not for you, politely say no thanks and he will be on his way. Simple? These are real people you are slandering. With real lives and real families to support. And yeah..not all of them conduct things the way they were trained to, much like our trusty police force actually, but the point being is and I can safely state that a good 95% of the 550 who will be forced out of work are hardworking individuals who went about making an honest living. Can I just add I find it very disturbing that you know exactly why we are being disposed of but yet not a single salesman has the foggiest idea? What a sham of a report from an embarrassing example of a woman. Hey, we all know that there is slimy salesmen in every company who cheats and lies his way to a sale... A small minority in each and every sales department has bent the truth...but nothing compares to the huge tremendous lie you have just published on a universal domain. Lucy Sweet...ha. Lucy Sour would be more appropriate.

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