Sales staff misleading customers about extended warranties

13 September 2013

Customers are being sold lies about extended warranties, by sales staff who have no idea what they mean, a Which! report has discovered. They sent in some sneaky mystery shoppers to find out whether things had improved since the OFT found that consumers weren’t getting enough information. The answer is a resounding no.


Which! minions found that the information they received from sales staff was either exaggerated, wrong, or plain bonkers. In one case, a salesperson at Currys/PC World incorrectly stated that an extended warranty covered ‘everything’ and ‘would even cover someone pulling the door off your washing machine at a party.’

(‘What a party that was, man. There was Lenor EVERYWHERE.’)

John Lewis gave the best information about extended warranties, but Which! still maintain that they don’t offer value for money. Most goods are guaranteed for a couple of years as a matter of course, and the Sale of Goods act gives consumers the right to get refunds on faulty purchases anyway. And it doesn’t help matters that sales staff are talking complete baloney and misleading customers.

Over to you Ricardo Lloyd:

‘Some high street retailers are making inaccurate and exaggerated claims about extended warranties to get people to purchase cover they may not need. Retailers should make sure their staff provide accurate information so consumers can decide whether to buy an extended warranty. We also want extended warranties to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.'


  • Grandma N.
    christ! this is shite journalism. Does this pay for a weeks cat food? ...if so I can write this badly too.
  • Me
    Probable Chebacca bangs her as everything bad about that twat gets removed straight away.
  • Joe S.
    Just bought a tumble dryer. Chap offered me an extended 3 year warranty, over £100 a year! Told him I wasn't interested. "Do you mind if I ask why?" says he. Never bought one, never needed one, and anyway, the Sale of Goods Act should cover it for at least 3 years anyway. Blank look... "What's the Sale of Goods Act?" Same response when I got game head office to sort me out a replacement for my busted Xbox a couple of years back, and Currys with a Toshiba TV which only lasted two years. Shop floor staff don't know about it, probably deliberately kept in the dark so they puh the warranties. Go direct to head office, don't bother with the saturday staff. Be nice, if they won't play ball mention the Sale of Goods Act and their attitude changes like a shot.
  • Kevin
    I'd love to know numbers on how many extended warranties these companies sell
  • Daisy D.
    Love the Lenor party comment!
  • Teddy E.
    I loved the Lenor party comment as well but it's wasted on the philistines who post on here.
  • Phyllis T.
    Piss off Teddy.
  • BJD
    "John Lewis gave the best information about extended warranties, but Which! still maintain that they don’t offer value for money." I thought John Lewis extended warranties are included free of charge. which seems value for money to me...
  • fibbingarchie
    There's a simple solution to this; read the warranty documentation to establish if it's of value to you. Then again, that means taking a bit of personal responsibility and effort.
  • Chewbacca
    Love the second comment by the totally illiterate user "me". Apparently I "bang" a BW staffer. Fantastic. Fucking morons.
  • Rubik C.
    @fibbingarchie: They are all too simple on here to understand that.
  • Mike O.
    £100 a year for extra cover. Sod that. Just put £100 a year in a saving account then if the thing blows up after 3 years you can buy a new one if the Sale of goods angle gets you nowhere. If it doesnt blow up your £300+ better off.
  • Warrantech
    Before one agrees to buy any type of home warranty, it is vital that one makes sure that one understand exactly what the selected warranty covers, as well as what the selected auto warranty does not cover.

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