Safety Notice: Bednest Bedside Crib & NCT Bednest Bedside Crib

bednest A safety notice has been issued by the manufacturer of the Bednest Bedside Crib.

They say: "Some concern has recently been raised by some UK experts about the height of adjustable sides of bedside cribs for infants as their capacity for movement increases. The concern is that there is a small but plausible risk that an infant could move onto or over the side of the crib and suffer injury or death on the side panel if the panel is left in the half raised position and the product is not used in accordance with the instructions."

"As a precaution Bednest is making a modification kit available to customers to address this concern. All deliveries of new or rental product ordered from our website will also incorporate the modification from today."

"The Bednest had been certified by independent testing authorities to the relevant Standards* in the UK and Europe. In addition the Bednest had passed the very latest U.S. Standard* for bedside cribs, which specifies a minimum height for adjustable sides. Nevertheless because this minimum height is being questioned we feel it prudent to make this modification."

"Please always follow the instructions in the latest User Guide, updated in light of the modification, which is available for download from our website"

Have a look at the company's full blog post and modification note, by clicking here

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