Rolex and Apple are Superbrands of 2013

If you were asked which were the world's 'Superbrands' in 2013, you'd be able to make a pretty good stab at it. However, like all charts, the top 20 has seen some climbers this year which may make for interesting reading.

For the second year on the bounce, Swiss watchmaker Rolex has found itself at the toppermost of the poppermost, but making big leaps was Apple who removed Rolls-Royce at the top of the Business Superbrand tree.

On the consumer, after Rolex, came Apple, Microsoft, British Airways and Coca-Cola with Microsoft climbing from a lowly 45th in the table.

Stephen Cheliotis, chairman of the Superbrands Expert Council said: "As consumers remain unsettled and fearful over what feels like endless economic doom and gloom, malpractice in key institutions and a weakening position for Britain in a changing world, it is perhaps no surprise that we are turning to reassuringly-familiar brands that we have known throughout our lives - often much- loved British establishments that we still trust, despite recent problems for some."

"In addition, voters recognise newer technology brands that make our lives simpler, happier and better-connected in these difficult times."

Business-wise, following Apple was British Airways, Google, Visa and Virgin Atlantic respectively.

If you're interested in what the Top 20 Superbrands are for both consumers and businesses, then click over the jump to have a look.

Top 20 Consumer Superbrands 2013

1. Rolex
2. Apple
3. Microsoft
4. British Airways
5. Coca-Cola
6. Google
7. Hilton
8. Heathrow Airport
9. Kellogg¹s
10. Mercedes-Benz
11. BMW
12. Heinz
13. BBC
14. Facebook
15. Lego
16. Disney
17. Marks & Spencer
18. BP
19. Dulux
20. Nescafé

Top 20 Business Superbrands 2013

1. Apple
2. British Airways
3. Google
4. Visa
5. Virgin Atlantic
6. IBM
7. Shell
8. Microsoft
9. London Stock Exchange Group
10. MasterCard
11. BP
12. BT
13. Bosch
14. Samsung
15. FedEx
16. Rolls-Royce Group
17. Royal Mail
18. PayPal
19. GlaxoSmithKline
20. DHL


  • jim
    heathrow airport? really?
  • Han S.
    "much- loved British establishments that we still trust, despite recent problems for some.” BBC's on the list
  • chewbacca
    Ah, the good old immigrant-loving BBC: bbc . co .uk/news/uk-21511904 They can’t even recognise the biggest elephant in the fucking room. Tossers.
  • Darren
    is this the Consumer advertising spend list?
  • Justin A.
    BP and Paypal?!
  • Sicknote
    Heathrow Airport [business class] T5 only - the other terminals are a fucking dump; Apple you can take it or leave it in my opinion but I couldn't be without my Rolex watches. Oh and Google; I can't wait for the Google goggles to be available.
  • Popeypope
    @sicknote Yeah we believe you've got loads of rolex watches Dream on fuckwit I doubt you could find the business lounge at T5 if you tried. stick to Ryanair

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