Red Tractor to run over ready meals

If you’ve been near a TV in the past month or so, you might have seen a Red Tractor advert featuring the very punchable face of 'celebrity' farmer Jimmy Doherty, friend of Jamie Oliver, telling you to ‘give a fork’ about where your meat comes from.

jimmy doherty

Despite the fact that we would all gladly spear Jamie’s Dorset Cereal eating, checked shirted Mumfordy mates with a fork in the gonads and roast them in hell, Jimmy is now the new poster boy for the food industry, which has decided to carry Red Tractor labels on ready meals containing meat.

After Horsemeatgate, it’s an attempt to reassure consumers that ready meals - usually made in a factory by dribbling, hungover lads called Dave with undiagnosed Hepatitis C - are safe and definitely don’t contain any (perfectly safe) horsemeat.

While we already see Red Tractor labels on meat products, it’s the first time that the Red Tractor logo has appeared on ready meals. Asda will be the first supermarket to unveil the logo on their beef ready meals later in the month, and it’s thought that others will follow suit.

Having said that, if you're the kind of person who regularly scarfs down Asda beefy ready meals, chances are you probably don't give a fork about food full stop.


  • Alexis V.
    "The Red Tractor scheme ranked lowest in a new study by Compassion in World Farming and OneKind, and was found often to offer little more on animal welfare than compliance with minimum legislation."
  • HowDareYouBlockMyComments
    Be more concerned about the added salt, sugar, oils and other additives in those ready meals. There's already poor quality meat in plenty of things other than ready meals anyway. Chicken nuggets, sausages, pies, etc.

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