Postmen given special tongs to stop them getting attacked

postmanDogs biting postmen is a comedy staple, but apparently, a very real and rather hilarious problem that is on the up. So what are we going to do about it? Apart from laugh, that is.

Well, post workers have been issued with plastic tongs to put mail safely through letter boxes. 90,000 of these devices have been issued in a bid to protect Royal Mail staff.

But what's more ridiculous looking? A postman being chased by a dog or one putting letters through with something that looks like sausage tongs?

One newspaper wrote that 30 postmen and women were bitten by dogs in the Derby area, which is obviously slang for 'arse', giving a whole new meaning to 'heavy showers in the Derby area' when you watching the news.

Either way, the Royal Mail have said that attacks on posties is "unacceptably high", with Dave Joyce, Communications Workers' Union health and safety officer, said: "The age old image of the dog attacking the postman is not a laughing matter."

"Thousands of our members are bitten every year and hundreds suffer debilitating injuries which leave them with physical and psychological scarring, some with life-changing disabilities – and all in the course of doing their job."

Oh Dave. It is a laughing matter.


  • Postman P.
    What about issuing special revolvers?
  • Paul C.
    Just lace the fucking envelope in poison, come back the next day - job done.
  • Noghar
    How does using tongs to put a letter through the letterbox look more stupid than having your hand ripped open and dripping blood?
  • RichTE
    The tongs were issued a year ago... no one uses them. And yes, getting bitten is a very real problem.
  • dvdj10
    Why are the shoving their entire hand through the letter boxes? Compo chasing fuckers!
  • Postman
    We had these issued two years ago, they are just a plastic stick similar to a 6" ruler with a cleft at the end to put the letter in! Fucking useless and never used. More money wasted by Royal Mail!
  • Postman
    dvdj10 The letters don't just drop through the letterbox hole coz some of you fuckers have allsorts of draught excluders on the other side. If we left the letters hanging out the door you'd soon complain!

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