Forget a cold bowl of Kelloggs Coco lumps – Britain is a nation of porridge eaters, with nearly half of the population hooked on the stuff. 49% of people are regularly shovelling oaty goodness into their faces before work, and there’s been a huge rise in porridge related popularity - with sales doubling since 2008.

So what’s the big deal about porridge? Well, as well as it being good for you, it’s dirt cheap, making it the breakfast of choice for the poverty stricken. Even young people are talking about porridge to their friends (#porridge) with 4 in 10 16-24 year olds saying they love it. There’s also an increased suspicion of cold cereals, many of which claim to have health benefits but are actually 98% sugar.

The survey by the Porridge Appreciation Society, er, I mean, Mintel, found that porridge was most popular amongst the middle aged as a tasty way to stave off imminent death. We’re also no strangers to pimping our porridge with outrageous items like bananas, nuts, seeds, berries and honey. Yeah, we just get up and throw them on there – like a BOSS.

Heidi Lanschuetzer, food and drink analyst at Mintel said: ‘With an increased selection of higher priced porridge options now available, Brits have not just been consuming more porridge, but trading up to more varieties of flavours and packaging options when they do.’

It's official: BRITAIN LOVES PORRIDGE! (Apart from the 51% of the population who never touch the stuff).


  • klingelton
    I like to pimp my bowl of porridge with a jar of golden syrup.
  • Captain.Cretin
    Dried fruit and honey for me. I tried fresh strawberries in it once, but it was a bit too much for my palate.
  • S. T.
    Ha, Lucy Sweet....YOU'RE 98% sugar!
  • shiftynifty
    Lucy...are you goldilocks....
  • hotmail r.
    Best article Lucy's ever written, good job Lucy, laughed my socks off!

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