Plans leaked for a 20% fizzy drinks – and BISCUIT - tax

16 June 2014

sugar-is-a-drug Health minister Jeremy C...Hunt is under pressure to introduce a 20% health tax on pop and biscuits, in a new (and probably hopelessly clumsy) strategy to reduce the nation’s dependency on lovely, life-giving sugar.

A report written by Public Health England, which includes advice from doctors, health experts and cardiologists (huh, what do THEY know?) has been leaked to The Grocer magazine.

It says that there are six possible ways to reduce the UK’s sugar intake, but fizzy drinks are the easiest target. They propose that a 20% tax would reduce obesity rates by 1.3%.

This report - which was commissioned by the government - is apparently the basis of another report which will be published on June 26th. The Department of Health, however, says it has no plans yet for a sugar tax.

Hmmm. You can tax fizzy drinks all you like, but you can’t take our BISCUUUUUUUUUUITS! Not if you don’t want a vicious Hob Nob black market on your hands.

This means war.

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  • Samantha
    There's already a 20% tax on fizzy drinks and biscuits, it's called VAT! Are they going to include diet soda in this? Because if so it doesn't really seem like it's encouraging people to go for the healthier option, just lining their pockets. 20% on a packet of biscuits wouldn't really put me off, but it would raise the price of a can of coke to about £1
  • Biscuit h.
    Meh. Biscuits are shit anyway.
  • Han S.
    Wow sugary drinks are bad for you, why the fuck has no one told us before? SO just because we have a lot of people who can't stop eating the rest of us have to pay extra when we fancy a can of cake and a biscuit?
  • Samantha
    OMG you so need to be able to buy cake in a can! A sugar tax would actually make sense, since it would encourage manufacturers to reduce the sugar content in their products to keep costs down.
  • Squirty B.
    Trouble is the manufacturers know people like sweet stuff so they'd just replace sugar with nasty sweet carcinogenic chemicals that make our arses pour out liquid fire. Or something like that.
  • Nert
    Diet drinks aren't healthier if you want to keep your weight down. They lead the stomach to expect calories that aren't coming so leave you feeling hungry.
  • Hugh R.
    Why not reduce the price of healthier options by 20% rather than punishing the people that can keep their sweet tooth under control. Nert a quick google reveals you're talking shite. Drinking low calorie drinks has no more of an effect on the stomach than drinking water.
  • James D.
    Most biscuits actually do NOT have vat on them. See section 3.6
  • br04dyz
    cake in a can you say?

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