Old couple gets £49,000 gas bill shocker from NPower

gas bill
Michael and Pat Savage live in a teeny weeny bungalow in Bridlington, so imagine their shock when they received a gas bill for £49 grand.

Obviously this is some kind of butterfingered incompetent mistake from the doofuses (doofi?) at NPower, but incredibly they had been trying to stick by it. Before they received the bill, The Savages got a phone call from the company telling them to prepare themselves for an extremely large bill, and advised them to cancel their monthly £52 direct debit, or their account would be completely wiped out.

(Is it me, or does that seem REALLY WEIRD?)

The bill arrived, with a letter advising Mr Savage to increase his Direct Debit to £7000(!). When Mr Savage called NPower, the call centre lackey was as shocked as he was, and told him that not even Wembley Stadium would be able to run up a gas bill like that. They told him it probably had something to do with a new meter that was installed last year, and not at all anything to do with them being complete idiots.

Meanwhile these poor pensioners have blood pressure through the roof and are afraid to open the door in case the bailiffs come. But NPower said:

‘We are very sorry to hear about the problems Mr and Mrs Savage are having. We have put a stop on the account while we investigate.’

As they’re the most complained about energy company in the Big Six, maybe they could also try to investigate why they’re so crap.


  • God
    Had this happen to me with NPower leccy. What happens is, they dont read your meter for quite a while and over-estimate your usage, then when they finally get around to reading your meter and find the reading is hundreds of pounds less than they were expecting, their system decides you must have "gone around the clock" and bills you for every unit supposedly used from your last estimated reading through to the end of the meter (999999999 etc), then back up to wherever the actual meter reading stands. I got it sorted eventually, then got my own back, they had inspected my elderly meter, but failed to crimp the replacement security tag properly, so I reset the E7 tabs to give me 14 hours a day on E7 - and ran like that for the next 5 years, only resetting the tags when I moved out.
  • Alexis
    I'm just impressed they weren't with British Gas. What with being old and everything
  • Brian
    Just changed my tariff with Npower; fixed until Sept 2016, it will cost me £40 more per year, so they wanted to increase my direct debit by £15 a month!

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