OFT shut down evil, unlicenced loan sites

8 April 2011


The good team have scored a victory in the consumer war today (and it IS a war) with the closure of 19 unlicenced loan-offering websites by the justice-doers at the Office Of Fair Trading.

The websites were all run from abroad and none of them had licences to operate as credit brokers and, instead acting as conduits of evil, aimed at snaffling the personal data of the weak and the innocent, before selling said details to other evil-doers, and businesses.

"Websites like the ones we have shut down target vulnerable people and those who may not have easy access to credit," said David Fisher, the OFT's director of consumer credit. “We advise consumers to think carefully before entering personal data into any lead generation website, in case this information is passed on without their knowledge."

The OFT added that the sites were targeting people with disabilities or on state benefits, people in military service, or people who find it hard to get credit. But they’ve all been blown up now and that’s the end of that. Score one for the good team.

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  • Sir F.
    Did you know that since Coca-Cola have dropped Wayne Rooney, he's now the only Croxteth-born male over the age of 7 not selling coke?
  • gigli
    Shame ofcom can't do the same for all the "lead generation" phone spammers.

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