Npower are the most complained about energy company

19 November 2013

With energy companies about as popular as herpes, it takes a real suppurating pustule to top the complaints table. And that boil on the face of society is Npower, who ran up 202 complaints per 100,000 customers between April and June of this year – five times more than SSE, who boasted the best customer service.

A gas ring burns on a ring at a home in west London, Tuesday, Au

The data, which was compiled by Consumer Futures before the energy price rises, showed that EDF Energy were the second worst with 75 complaints per 100,000 customers. Third was E.On with 60, and just behind that was British Gas with 55.

Roger (Ass)Hattam, domestic retail director at NPower, did some groveling in reply to the news, saying:

'We know that some of our customers have not had the service they deserve. We've had some challenges with a new computer system and we are sorry that this has caused problems for customers.’

Is this the same ‘computer system’ that hiked up NPower’s winter prices by a record beating 10.5%?

With the highest price rise of them all, it looks like NPower will be topping the customer complaints chart for many years to come...

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