Now TV say sorry for being so rubbish

Sky’s live streaming service Now TV, is not exactly popular with users at the moment. Customers have been left angry when the service cut out half way through someone having their knob chopped off with a sword in Game of Thrones, and there was a disastrous outage during the Premier League final stage, which caused a flood of complaints from fans.

now tv

Now TV also sent a very apologetic email about the technical faults that have plagued the service, which read:

‘We know NOW TV hasn't been working as it should have been recently and we're incredibly sorry for the interruptions to your viewing.’ They bleated.

‘We want to assure you that we're working tirelessly on this complex technical issue. This is our top priority and the whole NOW TV team is focused on making sure we are doing everything we can to make things better. We're sorry for not delivering the high-quality service you rightly expect from us.’

As well as the groveling, they’re offering a £10 voucher you can use at Sainsbury’s, Asda, Argos or Amazon. Is that good enough for you, telly addled proles?

What's the betting that customers will soon be leaving in their droves?


  • great s.
    "Premier League final" WTF!?
  • Algernon
    a £10 voucher is always good enough for me. I'm a consumer. Point me in the right direction. i'll bite.
  • Han S.
    The Premier League Final? What's that then?
  • jt
    "the Premier league final"...

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