NOT Retail Deathwatch: 2,000 jobs saved at Jessops

29 September 2009

notretaildeathwatch-149x150Some heartening news for once, as one of the high street’s more troubled names seems to have turned around the sinking ship and is now, erm, rocketing out of the water and heading towards the moon and the stars like, er, like Lazarus or Neptune or um, Jessops?

For it is they, the UK’s biggest camera specialists, who have been able to negotiate a deal that will save 2,000 jobs and keep their rocking photography ship afloat for a while longer. It’s all thanks to the help of HSBC, who are writing off the company’s debts in exchange for almost half of the company.

But will it make any difference? The digital camera boom is over, more and more people are happy to use their mobile phones as cameras and shopping on the net is by and large cheaper, making Jessops a great place to go if you want to test a camera before purchasing it online.

Coming soon – Retail Deathwatch: Jessops? Aaaaaarrgggghhh!


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    Quite clever spam in one way - it took me 2 seconds to realise rather than 1. Still... that medical transcription sounds amazing fun.
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  • Big G.
    @The Real Bob;lol,you just put a big smile on my face
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Very clever of HSBC, either issue a winding up order because Jessops can't pay the debts and get sweet FA back.... or take a huge chunk of the company and try to turn it around. Problem is, as the article alluded... buying online is cheaper and easier... how can Jessops overcome that problem.... be damned if I know.
  • Wilko
    Maybe the answer is staring them in the face. Diversify. If the camera market is shrinking due to the popularity of mobile phones, they should follow the market. Stock mobile phones. Simples. Or find another niche that they can exploit.
  • Compare_the_Meerkat
    Simples? People keep coming to my website for cheap car insoooorance. Hell, maybe Jessops should try selling that.
  • Joff
    I don't have any interest in digital cameras, being one of the people Andy mentioned that is quite happy to just use a camera on a mobile phone. I'm also not trained in retail. What I do have is time whilst Vista applies some updates so here's my 2p worth. Jessops shouldn't diversify and start selling crap like phones, TV aerials and BBQ's - leave that to specialists like PC World. Keep the focus on high end camera tech - get rid of the point and click's and vett customers as they enter, so only the right people come through the door. They could offer them tea and a biscuit too.

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