North/South beer brawl

The North/South divide doesn’t just extend to paying £300,000 to live in a cupboard next to a far-flung tube station. Southern jessies are also paying more for their ale! In fact, on average they pay 65p more than people in the North of England, who are flinging cheap lager down their necks, having baths in it, and dabbing it behind their ears.

pint of beer

While beer enthusiasts in Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and Derbyshire are happily wasting their lives supping pints costing £3 or less, London and Home Counties boozers are forking out £3.60 or more.

But the best place for beer bargains is Staffordshire (HOME OF ROBBIE WILLIAMS) where you can get pie eyed for a very reasonable £2.95.

This is all according to the Good Pub Guide, which has also rather gloomily predicted that 4,000 pubs will close this year because they’re ‘stuck in the 80s’ with boring food and bad service.

But why would prices differ so wildly for a pint of beer?

‘In the South East, big brewers used to own most pubs, which tended to limit the competition,’ explains Pub Guide spokesperson Fiona Stapeley. ‘But I think people in the South East are simply less careful with their money.'

OOFT. FIGHTING TALK. Let's settle this outside an 80s pub with a pool cue and a smashed bottle of McEwans.


  • Cheesey
    "explains Pub Guide spokesperson Fiona Stapeley. ‘But I think people in the South East are simply less careful with their money.’" Is she for real?! You charge more for a pint because land/buildings cost more. Either that or your pub becomes the latest Tesco Express. Plus Southerners have to pay more to sub all the lazy feckless workshy.
  • exile
    shut up lucy
  • Do m.
    McEwan's Lager. Must resist.
  • Chewbacca
    Decent beer should cost £4 a pint plus at a minimum anyway. Unless you're drinking shit like Carling, this is non-news. Carling drinkers, the fucking morons.
  • Maud F.
    If everyone drank Tenant's, it would be fine...
  • Howard a.
    Mof would have been better to write (well, copy/paste) this: he's a scouser plus he looks like he's no stranger to pubs.
  • Mustapha S.
    Nothing to do with the fact that Bass and the like are situated on the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border?
  • shiftynifty
    It`s very rare you get a decent ale in a pub....rather have a newkie broon then sit with red faced over bearing twats in their middle class bubble telling Emily or Henry to behave in a over priced Gastro moi cynical ...GTFO
  • Joner
    £4.00 a pint is more reasonable. Keeps the riff raff away.
  • fibbingarchie
    ' can get pie eyed for a very reasonable £2.95.' Only if you've got incredibly small kidneys.

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