No wedding bells for you

wedding Don’t worry, you’ll find someone one day, says your mother, grimacing sadly at the teapot. But the depressing fact is, she’s probably wrong. If trends continue as they have been, half of 20 year olds will never know the joy of watching their Uncle Arthur using the wedding cake for a urinal, or waking up in bed with a distant wife who is plotting their escape. Sigh.

That’s according to a report by the Marriage Foundation, which uses data from the Office of National Statistics to reveal that 47% of women and 48% of men in their twenties will never marry.
Half of today’s 40 year olds are married, but will never reach the golden wedding status of their parents and grandparents.

Harry Benson, from the Marriage Foundation said: ‘At the moment, we have high proportions of parents and grandparents who have got married at some stage and for the most part stayed together.

They provide role models for the next generation, showing that most marriages can be successful with enough work, communication and dedication. They also show what can be gained from making a marriage work in terms of the stability it provides for a family.

However, fewer of today’s forty year olds will be in a position to demonstrate the positives of a stable household cemented by marriage.’

Oh well, whatever. Look on the bright side. Instead of being shackled to one tedious, ultimately limited human being forever, arguing, bickering, and gradually coming to resent their very existence, you can live on your own, eating Weetabix for lunch and lurking on Tinder. What’s not to like?

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