New EU perfume legislation causes a stink

chanel Brussels is thinking of introducing new rules for perfume manufacturers, ordering them to take out certain ingredients to protect allergy sufferers from a bout of the sneezes.

As thundercocks like Richard Littlejohn would say, it’s ‘elf and safety gun mad’, as the new laws would only benefit 3% of the population, and could affect the smell of some of the world’s most loved fragrances, made by Chanel and Dior.

Some of the twelve ingredients that could be banned are essential to produce fancy pants perfume that doesn’t smell like melted Haribos.

They are coumarin, which is found in tonka beans, eugenol, from rose oil, citra, found in lemon and tangerine oils, plus the artificial fragrances atranol and chloroatranol. Oak moss and tree moss, which give posh perfume its depth, are also in doubt.

The decision has gone to a public consultation, and there has been a widespread negative response from manufacturers in the industry.

The big perfume companies say that replicating these smells will be a big challenge. And French parfumiers are up in arms, particularly Frederic Malle, who said, in a very French way: ‘If we ban citra from perfumes, of which certain elements are allergens, we should ban orange juice. It is absurd. We should not ban nature, only learn how to live with it.’

Yes, allergy sufferers – take a Piriton and learn to live with it. You’re not the boss of smells.

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