Natwest insist on just the fax, fail business customer

Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Lynda who sent us this admirable display of Natwest's non-sequitur customer service from blog Fabby or Shabby:

I recently went into my local branch to pay in cash and cheques. When I had completed the transaction I asked if I could get some change, I needed pound coins for the weekend. I was told that this was impossible and I needed to fax them my request in advance. I was expected to go back to my shop, fax them a request for change and then go back down to the bank to collect it, despite me already being in the bank. When I queried the ridiculousness of this I was told that I was holding up the queue.

I was then patronisingly asked if I could be ‘helped’ with anything else.

I asked to withdraw fifty pounds.

When asked how I would like the cash, I replied: ‘Pound coins please.’

We haven't decided what's more shocking - the complete failure to provide a very basic business banking service, the stupidly obvious loophole which makes the requirement to order change in advance entirely irrelevant, or that you need to fax in your order. Fax. Have they looked at a calendar recently? Hello, McFly?

Have you any examples of banks missing the point when it comes to supporting your business? Let us know your best and worst examples below:


  • The B.
    Was that the Popbitch or Holymoly mailing I can't remember?
  • Mark W.
    The shop I work in uses Natwest to bank. My branch requires us to phone in the request 2 hours before as it takes them this long to prepare it, although they can do it in 10 minutes when they make a mistake and don't prepare your change after you rang it through 2 hours before. We cannot pick up the change between 11am - 1pm as they are on lunch break for that long. The lady in there is so rude as well. Don't know why our company changed from the post office to Natwest, at least at the post office your change was counted and given to us there and then.
  • midnighter
    You think that's bad, go in to alliance and Leicester and ask to take out a thousand pounds of your own money in an account that has two thousand or more in for something you have just will get told..."oh, I am sorry you have to give notice for that amount of money, we can give you £200 and then you can get £250 from the cash machine" wankers
  • Davo
    I love the reversal of the patronisation by Lynda. Natwest are an absolute joke, incompotent tw$ts!!
  • Fred C.
    Fortunately for the banks they want to make profit. Handling stuff that makes no profit makes no sense. In the old days when banking was profitable the senior people hardly got any bonus. Now that they are incented on bonuses and performance targets they try cut any service that is unproductive towards profit and personal objectives. Therefore it is unlikely anyone in incented to handle coins have plenty of cash available. So to get round all these profit making institutions spread your money with various banks and building societies. Therefore you adjust the quality of service that you need and reward those which offer a better service.
  • Former c.
    Now And Then We Employ Sad [email protected]
  • Kevan
    Got a bad bank? Easy answer.... walk down the road the next one and open a new account. It's what I've done in the past. No brainer really :)
  • mike
    why did you need 50 pound coins for the weekend.
  • Natwest B.
    [...] told you a tale of Natwest’s shoddy customer services last week. From your follow-up comments, there seems to be a mindset amongst banks that services [...]

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