More Amazon review greatness - all hail the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt

One of the many wonders of the internet is how, every now and again, a bunch of people latch on to an Amazon product and rag the life out of it with sarcastic but beautifully-crafted reviews.

In case you’ve missed some of the best ones from the recent past, we recommend the 20” canvas picture of Paul Ross, the black Bic ballpoint pen and the Playmobil security checkpoint – hours of fun there for you.

The latest addition to the hall of indisputable greatness is the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt – a garment you’d be proud to wear to any social occasion. Among the glowing praise the t-shirt has received are such succinct tributes as…

“After wearing it for a day, in the hot sun, my back sweated out what appeared to be the face of our Lord and Savior. I brought it to a friend of mine and his assumption was that the cloth must have been from the shroud of Turin.”

“I bought the three-wolf shirt for protection. And let me tell you, it's a blessing. I put it on straight out of the box and now pigs run when they see me coming.”

“OK, so I thought, whatever - wolf shirt with moon - no big deal, but it'll go nice with my blue/grey/black camouflage pants. But lo and behold, my supernumerary nipple disappeared!! Go Wolf shirt!!”

But it’s not all positive stuff. Witness…

“As I wolf I am incensed at the commercialization of my image. It perpetuates the strong wild virile myth of wolves. I think I can speak for all wolves in the desecration of our sacred lunar ritual of howling at the moon. That someone would wear our faith as an adornment, it just make me want to rip their throats out and gorge myself on their naughty bits.”

There’s around 130 reviews there at the time of writing. You might want to read them all before you decide if you want to buy the t-shirt or not.



  • acecatcher3 i made this for u andy. x
  • Mr H.
    Sure I was reading this on this morning
  • Nobby
  • Andy D.
    @Mr Willy Head - you were. And so were we. And I forgot to add the link. So thanks for reminding me!
  • Martin
    wow - its like reading the b3ta newsletter from about a year ago...
  • go_rators
    Had anyone else noticed the refurbished Paul Ross canvas for £2,500?
  • Emma
    Article on BBC news now too! :)
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    Ich weiss, etwas OT, aber kennt jemand einen guten und g

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