Mo’ online shopping, mo’ problems

7 March 2014

Nearly half of people who shop online have had some kind of problem with their purchases in the last two years. That’s according to Which!, who showed that 46% of people were left vaguely unsatisfied by their online shopping experience.


34% of those polled said they’d had issues with Amazon, and 29% had a bone to pick with eBay. So what are people most upset about? Mostly, the problems are with deliveries arriving later than expected or not turning up at all. Other issues concerned faulty goods and packages being left outside their house without the customer’s permission.

It also found that we have no clue about our consumer rights when we shop online. After all, do YOU know what the Distance Selling Regulations are? (No, me neither). Apparently, DSRs state that you have seven days to cancel your order - from clicking your mouse until the day after you receive your package. You’re also entitled to information about the seller, and if you’re sent duff items, the retailer has to pay the postage by law.

Consumer powerhouse Ricardo Lloyd said: ‘With people increasingly shopping online and millions experiencing problems with their purchases, it is vital that consumers know their rights on late deliveries and faulty products.’

So if you’re one of the 46%, you can swot up on your consumer rights here.

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  • Confused
    Brilliant. Did you get it wrong on purpose? It's not the day after you receive you package, it's 7 days after...
  • monkeyhanger
    The DSRs state that you have 7 days to cancel your order, starting from the day after you receive it. Check your facts to avoid incorrect advice! Seems like you still didn't get a grasp of what the DSRs are even after doing some research. They don't apply to everything in relation to changing your mind within 7 days. You can't change your mind and return something that is customised/made to measure - Are Apple really doing you a favour when they offer free laser etched messaging on the back of your Ipod every Christmas?
  • jo
    Actually, I believe the 'cooling off' period was extended a while back making it now 14 days, rather than 7 as previously.

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