Martin Lewis bigger than Jesus, earns you money while shopping

The Google Zeitgeist report that came out this week had Martin Lewis as one of the top searched people in the UK. On the back of this we noticed a funny remark on the MoneySavingExpert forum from member meester.

meester ran a quick Google Trends comparison between "Jesus Christ" and "Martin Lewis" and found out that somewhere in mid-2006 Martin Lewis became bigger than Jesus:

Another sharp-eyed reader contacted us with a funny Martin Lewis tidbit. If you search for "amex cashback" in Google, there is a Google Adwords link for MSE that seems quite lucrative!

We're now eagerly awaiting our £3 for every £100 Martin spends. With the expenses at his company we reckon we're in for about £1500/year :)


  • nosey
    Martin Lewis is a DICK and will lose you money. Don't listen to him !!!
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Martin Lewis is a LEGEND and has save me and many many others thousands! nosey is jealous for whatever reason.
  • Hugh R.
    You want to try visiting his forums; full of losers who condone bad parenting.......I think they must all be on State handouts.
  • me m.
    Martins advice has saved me thousands. he is a god in our house. may he reign for evermore with his money saving tips.
  • Liddle m.
    Martin Lewis? Jesus? One bigger than other - are we talking penis size or something else? And who are these two guys anyway? Don't either of them have family names?
  • chrisg
    Can't stand the man. Ego the size of a planet.
  • gordon
    some pretty good articles on his site. he got some crap off the whole icelandic bank blow-up, but when it was all over the site, there were pleanty of warnings that the money wasn't covered by the government guaranttee thingy.
  • bidrick
    Martin Lewis's newsletter has proved useful for money saving tips in the past, but his forums are infested with anally retentive sad buggers, who seem more worried about wrongly placed articles, rather than helping their benefits go further.
  • Scottie2trottie
    Hugh its not nice to troll and joke about people on benefits my parents have been on them for years and likely work harder in one day than you have in your entire life.
  • tee k.
    Martin Lewis does what he does because he can't stand to see people ripped off...what is wrong with that,people complain when they get stung at least he tries to help people to do something about it. Martin for P.M. HE ROCKS!
  • chilliman
    He is a good bloke, his site has saved me money and family and friends and the information is free!!, he does it because he cares, stop putting him down!!!!!
  • big m.
    'liddle ol me' you dont know who they are yet insult them ? fool!
  • PopeyePoole
    There seems to a serious 'sense of humour loss' on this site.
  • JeffT
    I don't think Martin Lewis will be remembered in 2000 years time or have his own annual bank holidays.
  • Keith
    Is this the same Martin Lewis who told everyone to take a Fixed rate mortgage just before the base rate plunged? Even though he is not qualified! I bet those people who took his "advice" are not singing his praises now!
  • TT
    "Martin Lewis does what he does because he can’t stand to see people ripped off" ha Ha HA.... He likes to listen to his own voice and loves the attention he gets from his little fan base. If he really wanted to help the underdog he could have helped those who complained on his site about being ripped off by Play.
  • Chools
    Martin is mainly good but the likes of fixed rate mortgage advise and pushing fixed tariff energy deals (Shock horror a couple of months later oil has come down in price) means that he is best guessing the financial markets. What is needed is a Martin Lewis devils advocate who will offer the flip side to his advice. at the moment this has to be you!
  • Scatman J.
    Credit to him for doing what he does, however, much of his conent is borrowed from the 'community' i.e. forum users and the forum is copywritten. If the forum stopped posting, he would have a much harder time doing what he does.
  • grandmaster j.
    He still owes me £20,000 for a shipment of bad acid....
  • Disciple72
    This just shows what humanity has become. More intrested in saving a few quid than saving our sole's from eternal seperation from God.
  • big m.
    the lack of belief in God and the teachings of Propht Jesus Chtrist has resulted in the mess we're in. an emptiness of the sole soothed with credit cards, store cards etc
  • grandmaster j.
    big young me, it's SOUL, not sole. Even a greedy atheist like me knows that
  • JesusHimSelf
    i do not really like him but at least i know he Exists ....
  • jane
    well, i admit to looking at his site, cos i'm on a restricted income (benefits!) so i am in two minds! however, i do agree with what a lot of people have said - what kind of place are we at, what happened to our souls when we spent our lives it seems searching for price cuts. how about paying the full price for what we really want, and then getting on with the important, true things.
  • jane
    p.s. seeing 'him' (ie. martin lewis!) sweating uncomfortably and defensively over his 'general bank' advice in the wak of the Icelandic Bank fiasco - urgh - not endearing. also, though a few good pointers for the economically challenged, lots of crap on his site.
  • Disciple72
    It was probably my initial spelling mistake that prompted big young me to also make the same mistake. Let's be realistic we all make mistake even us believers. There has only been one who walked the earth who didn't make a mistake and look what they did to him.
  • Disciple72
    Jane, totally love what you've said. I haven't come here to knock people who search for a bargin, I too love a good deal. I was just really shocked by the headline, "Martin Lewis bigger than Jesus". There has never been any one man that has influenced the world so much, than Jesus. He owned very little and offered no material wealth. He asked for nothing but has promised so much. To see a mear mortal compared to our saviour just fills me with sadness. what has Martin Lewis ever done for the good of humanity?
  • Stevo
    NB: "mistake" isn't a plural.
  • s t.
    MATIN LEWIS is the reason the country is in the state it is wasnt it him who told people to sue banks isnt it him driving profits down on the high stereet by promoting all these vouchers shops have to pay staff rates etc so need to make a profit SOON there will be no vouchers issued by companies his kickbacks from credit cards keeping interest on cards high MARTIN LEWIS IS THE ANTI CHRIST GET HIM OFF OUR TV
  • Terry (.
    I know that the word REDEMPTION was high on both their lists. I ML's case it was mortgage redemption charges which we were told how to claim back. Both are Jewish. Both have their followers. Jesus bore his own cross. Martin bore his own (Icelandic) cross. I think ML has been crucified more times than Jesus. If money is the root of all evil and Martin worships money, as he does, then Martin must be Jesus's brother - The Devil himself. So, yes he would be as popular in that case as for every plus there must, by definition, be a minus.
  • Mr L.
    I think people are misunderstood. Martin Lewis makes very good money out of MSE. It's his job, he's not doing this for the good of mankind he's doing it to make money for himself.
  • anti-martin
    john scatnan said it correct..martin just compiles the good ones from the forum. I think he is a short term media wonder.. "Credit to him for doing what he does, however, much of his conent is borrowed from the ‘community’ i.e. forum users and the forum is copywritten. If the forum stopped posting, he would have a much harder time doing what he does"
  • William
    Martin Lewis does what he does because he makes a lot of money from it, he may not like seeing people ripped off but it's all for his own benefit at the end of the day. As previously mentioned if it wasn't for such advice as reclaiming bank charges (which although theymay be excessive the charges are there for a reason) the banks may be in a much better position than they are currently.
  • David P.
    @ s tevo, "MATIN LEWIS is the reason the country is in the state it is" Are you seriously blaming Martin Lewis for the banks choosing to lend too much money than they could afford? Get real.
  • m
    small people talk about other people, big people take about ideas and I think who you sad lot are talking ill of a great man and who Martin Lewis is with his ideas that value and help people
  • Mark
    "a great man"?! Do not feed the ego! The guy is a pathetic big headed twat. Fair play to him for making money - but he is nothing but a mouthpiece for his shitty forum. He deserves no respect.
  • m
    what do you have to your credit wait, keep it yourself - I shall not indulge little people like yourself. Martin needs no defence by dignifying the likes of your responses. goodbye
  • Catherine M.
    Martin Lewis is interested in one thing only. Martin Lewis! He is the most egotistical, self promoting man I have ever had the misfortune to come across. Don't be fooled into thinking he wants to help others. He doesn't give a hoot for anyone but himself and uses others to promote himself and increase his bank balance.
  • m
    o btw, before I take leave Don't miss out on urgent MoneySaving, get Martin's weekly e-mail at
  • Andrew
    Why was "Christ" added after "Jesus"?? It isn't his surname, it's what he is believed by Christians to be... surely this is a better comparison (Jesus / Martin Lewis): or Even "jesus christ" / "martin lewis money saving expert":
  • Eddie H.
    If ever i see at a Q.P.R match, i am going to go up at him and hit him on the chin.
  • Al C.
    You little S.O.B.! Why, when I find out who you are, I'm going to shove a sausage down your throat and stick starving dogs in your butt!
  • Isabelle
    Martin Lewis runs his forums like a dictatorship - say something the sometimes thick as a plank, moderators have done is unfair and ask for things to be sorted and you will be 'denied posting rights' - wow, that would ruin your life, wouldn't it? Lewis has begun to drink his own bathwater - mmm, it tastes so good!
  • Lorna P.
    I disagree with some of the negative comments about Martin Lewis. He is trying to help a nation in crisis and offer advice to those who ask or need it. Some of these comments are sarcastic and as they say " sarcasm is the lowest form of wit " ! from Lorna in Scotland
  • Claire P.
    Most of the people with financial problems are in that position due to their own mis-management and incompetence. If there weren't so many bone idle, malingering wasters on benefits the country would not be in this mess. GET OFF YOUR LAZY ARSES AND GET A JOB!
  • Ellis b.
    I think some people need to get a grip! He is simply a man who has a job on the tv trying to give advise, he is not perfect and should be allowed to make mistakes. We people can choose to listen or ignore his advise, and do with it how we choose, he does not hold a knife to our thoats telling us we have to do anything. We are all grown ups and need to stand on our own two feet - if it goes tits up then surely it was our own fault for putting 'all our eggs in one basket'!
  • DanS
    I saw him on the TV on Monday morning, I think, and he is so annoying. Full of himself, the most erratic sounding voice ever, and as for his money saving tips... the rail ticket thing... I found that out. Years ago. Stopping short gets you into deep shit as well. Bet he uses flushes the toilet once day... does he have a sink? Nice. Or no, bet he doesn't because he gets to spend all f***ing day sat on his arse while everyone else who actually has a job would rather spend two mins slagging him off rather than look for money saving shits for an hour. Busy lives, Martin... fuck your newsletter, fuck your tips... here's one for you... Don't wipe your ass with a broken bottle. it's not frugal, just retarded.
  • Tony S.
    There's no doubt that Martin Lewis and MSE have some great advice for saving money. BUT - don't be fooled into thinking he's doing it as a champion of the downtrodden poor. generates Martin and his team – HUGE amounts of cash every month from affiliate marketing. Every time you click on one those links with a * - you're earning Martin money. And it's not just a few pence to "help the site" - it's tens of thousands of pounds a month. (I know this as I used to work for an affiliate network that MSE uses). Whilst there's nothing wrong with making money - the problem is that Martin's advice is not always as impartial as it may seem - especially when he's doing his TV appearances or newspaper articles – as he will often steer you towards products which make him the most money, rather than what’s actually best for the consumer. Just keep that in mind next time you hear his advice.
  • Vanessa
    Unbelivable, I am absolutely stunned at what I'm reading!! Can no-one compare how Martin Lewis relates to modern life as Jesus did in his day? Things are very different now. We are no longer scared subjects of a dodgy regime (although that may be in question) like they were in Jesus's day. Martin helps us stand up against these corporations like banks, supermarkets etc and do the best we can for our families. Feeding the 5000 in modern day times with limited resources (fish & loaves). He's certainly helped me, and I am just an ordinary full time working mother. Before he came along who did we have to talk to - the banks, that's who - and look what bollocks they told us!! Sure he's gonna get it wrong sometimes, but so I believe did Jesus. We need Martin Lewis in our lives!! No need to compare, Jesus would definetly approve of Martin for trying to make the world a fairer place. God bless Martin Lewis.
  • Jenna
    God bless Martin Lewis my ass. Haven't you read anything people have been saying? They all have valid points as to why Martin Lewis is a slimy, manipulative weasel. Yes, some of his tips may be useful to some people, but he's trying to get as much money for himself as humanely possible, and if it means manipulating the public then so be it. He needs to give enough good advice to people so that they'll listen to him when he wants them to do something that will make him a fortune. Some of his tips are ridiculous as well, and leave the consumer paying for things they don't even want. For example, Tesco's 'loopholes' that he posts up mean that hundreds of loyal followers are off buying things like cheap revolting aftershave or rancid wine so that they can stock up on loyalty points that they can then double up. Tesco have just recently withdrawn this doubling up offer, leaving people stuck with their piles of crap. My friend works in a Tesco, and he says that some older ladies come in and buy all their stock of that product shown on his website, sometimes totalling hundreds of pounds. A necessary buy? I don't think so. I wouldn't be surprised if he had some kind of deal going with Tesco. Also, there are some benefits from some large companies that a only few people in the country can take advantage of, and Martin Lewis has no problem swanning in, telling the whole world, and having these benefits taken away, meaning nobody can have them anymore. The people that find it for themselves and put the work in should have the reward from the offer. He does it so that he gets more hits on his website short term. He doesn't care that the best offers, etc. are promptly removed. I'm sure he's under a lot of pressure from affiliates, but the fact that he has done this proves that he doesn't give a flying fart in space about the consumers he claims to care about. His close involvement with the large companies is quite frankly terrifying. He shouldn't maintain that he is looking out for people when he isn't. Although some people here appreciate the falseness and lies just to get a quick bargain, I certainly don't. I speak from experience by the way. Martin Lewis is currently losing me over £200 a month that I was happily saving up before he opened his giant flapper. Through absolutely no fault of my own might I add. If I believed in god, I don't think he'd approve one bit. Lewis is cunt.
  • Jenna
    My favourite sentence of that post and i forgot the article! LEWIS IS A CUNT!
  • gord
    He champions people who are looking for something for nothing.
  • Alex
    Wonder how long it will be before some of the papers start to investigate how much money he's actually making. Apparently it's around £5million per year all off affiliate links (and that's personal income, not company). No wonder he made his company a sole trader (or something like that) so he can hide from his kool-aid fanclub how much of a better deal he's getting than them.........

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