Make your own Nespresso pods!

Ever wanted one of those Nespresso machines, but put off by the thought of coughing up for pricey Nespresso pods? Well, there are knock-off versions in the shops, but one man has worked out a really simple hack, so you can sidestep a lot of nonsense, and save yourself a lot of money in the process.

In his video (below), he says: "Found one of these fancy pants coffee makers at the Goodwill - only problem is, you've got to decide between buying the pods for it, and putting your kids through college."

Then, with a Southern flourish, he adds; "This here Nespresso company, they think they got me fooled. But I done broke their system and I'm gon' show y’all how to do it too."

So, if you're at work and haven't clicked the video (which you should, for his delivery alone), and want to know what the hack is, you'll be staggered at how easy his solution is.

Russell shows how you can just empty out a pod, and then replace it with fine ground coffee, that you can pick up anywhere. Cover the Nespresso pod with foil and, whoosh, you're away!


  • rara
    Yep..been doing it for years. my husband even made me a wooden jig to do 5 at a time...and an ickle wooden tamper...and i cut foil circles in bulk ( i will,single handedly destroy captilism !!)
  • rjt
    You can get Nespresso pods for 20p from the supermarket, so you're saving what? 10p per pod?
    • Blong

      In US they are $0.75 a pod

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