Maclaren save all the UK kids - with some kind of free cloth

Maclaren Volo Stroller Following a couple of days of rumbling and grumbling from consumers and the media, Maclaren have stopped thinking about racing cars and turned their attention towards child safety. That’s in the wake of the product recall of the company’s ‘umbrella’ style buggies in the US, which it was claimed could be responsible for the chopping off of ickle children’s finger ends.

Concerned parents in the UK can avoid such digit-severence now by contacting Maclaren and requesting a special cloth that the company have cobbled together. We haven’t seen any photos of this miraculous mini-shroud but it is said to safely cover the hinge that has been trying to eat all of the children.

Dylan Johnson, general manager of Maclaren UK, said: “We stress that our buggies are completely safe and fully compliant, but if parents remain concerned or worried, we urge them to talk to us.”

You can talk to them on 01377 841 320 or email them at [email protected]. But try not to steer the conversation too far away from buggy safety and the miracle cloth – it’s not some kind of chat line for the lonely and bewildered.



  • Junkyard
    So basically, they'll save children, but not the British children? Who would've thought Maclaren had so much in common with George Washington?
  • none
    You do realise its spelt MCLAREN you dumbass.
  • Guswold
    This whole thing is ridiculous - will all the car manufacturers now be providing "safety clothes" to stop you shutting your fingers in car doors??! People should just do what many of us have done for years - use their common-sense!
  • Ronnie
    eer, no, it is actually MACLARAN. who's the dumbass?
  • Ronnie
  • Wibble
    It's McLaren if its racing cars and MACLAREN if its those buggy things that cut toddlers finger ends off because their chavvy parents can't look after them properly.
  • Andy D.
    It's Maclaren. Like in the email address quoted in the story. FFS.

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