Lidl and Aldi batteries are best value for money

If you insist on long life batteries, prices vary widely. A Which! survey found that the cheapest place to buy Duracell is at Asda, where two packs of four AA batteries were £6.17. The most expensive place was Waitrose, where they can set you back £7.64. Prices have since fallen, but still, that's a big difference.

See for yourself, Duracell batteries are quite cheap at ASDA.

Obviously, Duracell and Energizer keep appliances going for a couple of hours longer than value batteries. But you'll be paying dearly for those two hours. The average own brand AAA battery costs 10p per hour, and 12p for AAs. But Lidl, Aldi and Maplin Value batteries cost just 2p to 4p per hour. Batteries made by Duracell and Energizer, meanwhile, cost between 16p and 23p per hour.

But if you want a value for money, and a cheap, cheerful, short lived bang for your buck, best just to stock up with budget Aldi ones and keep replacing them. They might only last a few hours, but they're so cheap you could probably afford a cupboard full of the buggers - and little Jimmy's face on Christmas morning won't be streaked with tears of disappointment.


  • Wakdaddy70
    Maplin FTW!
  • Jamey
    A packet of ten top-quality AA rechargeables (Sanyo Eneloop XX) costs £28. they can be recharged 1,800 times according to the packet but just for the sake of argument let's assume that's marketing bollocks and halve it. £28 divided by ten batteries is £2.80 per battery... And £2.80 divided by 900 recharges is 0.003p per charge. Not per hour of battery life, 0.003p per charge. Of course the electricity will cost you something as well but I dare say they'll still be cheaper. And today's smart charger will condition batteries (keep charging and discharging to bring them up to full potential) as well as giving you a numerical readout of how much charge they're holding in mAh (milliamp hours). I probably sound like an advert for rechargeables now so I'll stop.
  • Joulupukki
    Those big multipacks from ToysRUs are about as cheap as you can get and I've found the quality to be pretty good.
  • Euan
    IKEA's own brand batteries are pretty decent, and something like £1.10 for a pack of 10 AA's.
  • james d.
    i'm with you Jamey, I invested in some high quality rechargeables so much better nowadays than they used to be.
  • HowDareYouBlockMyComments
    Or you can combine what the article and the guys above are saying and get cheap rechargeables from Aldi. Been doing so for years.
  • james d.
    One of the big benefits of modern rechargeable is they do not loose charge sitting on the shelf, everytime a battery runs out I charge it and put it back in my battery stash. It's then fully charged ready for when I want to use it. Cheap rechargeable don't do this. Perhaps it might work out cheaper, but after you have cycled through their maximum charging capabilities and max capacity probably not. Even so, I am ok with paying a bit more for always knowing I have a fully charged excellent battery in the house should any of them run out.
  • thepearce
    Also gone down the quality rechargeable & decent charger route. Charger - IQ-328 £25 from Amazon Batteries (AA) - Vapex Instant ~ £5 - £6 for 4 AAA - try these : Old thread but good info : The feature you want is "low self discharge" - that means they keep their charge much longer.
  • Bert
    Or you could just buy duracell batteries from ebay for a fraction of what the supermarkets charge, 8 for £2.95 for instance.
  • jokester4
    @Jamey "And £2.80 divided by 900 recharges is 0.003p per charge." - Sorry to piss on your parade but it is 0.3p per charge.... your point still stands - rechargeable batteries are pretty damn good these days!
  • UJF
    I miss wonkey
  • Joulupukki
    I think wonkey was barred due to his high self discharge.
  • Jamey
    @jokester4 - You are correct, my apologies for the shocking maths. And if we're recommending chargers I'd just like to shower praise upon this beauty, you'll have to pry my one out of my cold, dead hands, probably:
  • just s.
    Bought my cheap and cheerful battery charger in Lidl. Fine for me. From what I can tell, it only does one type of battery tho.. the AA.

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