Len Dastard vs The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 – Part 2

Bitterwallet-Len-Dastard-featuredHola, hermosos lectores It is I, Len Dastard, real life litigation executive and imaginary retired Mexican lucha libre. I hope I find you all well today. For Len it has been a weekend full of strawberry lime blended margaritas and beef empanadas sat in the quemar sol. Just what I needed. I now feel at my best to take on any devious rascal that you put against me.

Today we look again at The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. You may remember the award-winning Part 1 that they're already calling a classic. If not, you can find it here. You're welcome.

This part sees us looking at what the regulations will do in respect of salespeople and their conduct.

Salespeople overstaying their welcome
If a salesperson comes knocking on your door and unfortunately you answer it, they cannot ignore your request for them to leave and never return. If you ask them to leave and they continue their pitch, they would then be in breach of these regulations.

Not giving a choice
The salesperson cannot give the impression that the consumer will not be allowed to leave the premises until a contract is formed. This might seem a little obvious but there are no doubt plenty of examples as to why this was added to these regulations.

The regulations will attempt to stop businesses/salespeople from making unwanted and unrelenting contact by any methods. Such methods can be telephone, fax or email.

Requesting payment when there was no contract
Where the consumer has not ordered a product the business cannot demand immediate payment. There is an exception to this which is for substituted products supplied in accordance with Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000.

Using shameful tactics
Salespeople cannot inform a consumer that their job or livelihood is at risk if the consumer does not agree to contract.

That is all for now. The final part will cover what these regulations are doing in respect of with “promotions”.

Keep an eye on for any of the above and if you have been on the receiving end of these scheming acts (since 2008) get in contact with us at [email protected] . Until then, adios!


  • Mr. O.
    "Pestering The regulations will attempt to stop businesses/salespeople from making unwanted and unrelenting contact by any methods. Such methods can be telephone, fax or email." So can I get Virgin to stop the avalanche of crap through my letterbox each week addressed to The Occupier, trying to get me to take up their crap Internet service? I keep sending it back but it just won't stop!!
  • Len D.
    Mr T.H.E - if you ever pass one of those Virgin stands, give them your postcode and they can remove you there and then from all marketing rubbish.
  • Marc B.
    Len's legendary skills in the ring have obviously taught him how to shapeshift into one of his colleagues, Paul Smith...
  • Len D.
    I didnt even notice that myself Marc. Trying to impersonate me, pah!
  • Mr. O.
    Thanks Len. I have also just emailed the Royal Mail having read the comment on the related story in BW today, see http://www2.royalmail.com/you-home/controlling-your-mail. In addition I already have full mailing preference service (and phone, fax, etc.) and I'm vigilant with the opt out on all order forms etc. I think with these actions, anything that still gets through can just be returned and the rest of the time I'll continue with the "get a life" therapy.

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