Learn to haggle and save on your household bills

22 May 2014

Like a man in a fez in a souk, Which!!! is urging you to barter over your household bills when you renew your contracts – that way you can immediately save £240.


Which!!! think us Brits need to stop being so goddamn polite about everything and get stuck into some bargaining with utility companies. In just one hour, Which!!! and its consumer warriors had managed to knock off £238 by haggling with big names such as the AA, Admiral insurance, Virgin and Vodafone.

The problem is, often any deals that you’ve been coerced into at the beginning by a super slick call centre professional are just automatically renewed. They depend on your apathy/lack of interest and just stick you on contracts forever, regardless of whether you could save money elsewhere.

But with a bit of bargaining, you can get discounts on everything from broadband, phones, car insurance and breakdown services. How? Well, it seems that all you need to do is threaten to leave them and they CRAP THEMSELVES.

Which!!! said: "Whether you’re calling the AA or Orange, the message should stay the same - if you’re not getting what you want, threaten to take your business elsewhere."

"It’s a surprisingly effective way of getting a better deal, and it’s amazing just how much more responsive a company can be if it thinks it might lose you, and more importantly, your regular payments."

Ah, dontcha just love a bit of consumer blackmail?

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  • Richard
    'Threaten to leave to get better deals' - that kind of idea will be revolutionary to the HUKD masses...

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