John Lewis: Click & Collect is the future!

john lewis Click & Collect overtook home deliveries this Christmas at John Lewis, which tells us one thing - people would like to spend as little time as humanly possible inside actual shops filled with other humans.

The never knowingly undersold mothership saw online taking rise by 19%, which represented 36% of the trade. The Click & Collect side accounted for 56% of online orders too. Fancy that!

Despite counter sales falling by around 1%, like-for-like sales across the retailer grew by 4.8% for the five weeks to 27 December. Total sales were a moistening £777 million.

Managing director Andy Street said sales performance from its outlets was ahead of rivals: "I am utterly confident that our shop result will beat the market."

This is all good news for John Lewis, as they essentially ran tings in the Christmas adverts with Monty The Penguin (although when we looked in on him at his Wonderland on New Years Eve, he looked a bit tipsy and kept swearing). Also  John Lewis is planning to grow its store numbers from 42 currently to 65, with a focus on locations such as Birmingham, Leeds and Oxford.

Despite their online triumphing, Mr Street is still clear about the need for the shop: "The role of the shop is absolutely critical in providing the online sales."

Yeah. No-one likes being in shops though.

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