Joel Bauer wants to help you have a better business card

Look – times are tight and if you’re a businessman, you need to grab any advantage you can to help maximise your profits. It doesn’t matter how slight the advantage is, it all adds up in the end.

Take your business card for example. Get it out and look at it. What does it say about you? Could it say more? Are you using it effectively enough or is it just an afterthought?

Self-styled infotainer and speaker trainer Joel Bauer is here to help you. As he says, life is not about being liked, it’s about being effective. He might be a distant relative of Jack Bauer – he certainly has the same intensity.

Listen to Joel waxing lyrical on the subject of business cards, then go away and sort your life out. Seriously – you’re obviously not doing it right at the moment. If you were, Joel wouldn't be talking to YOU.



  • simon
    Patrick Bateman would be all over this guy with a chain saw if he was ever handed one. Actually, so would I if I had to endure a two minute spiel about the card itself...
  • dl
    Full of American soft sh*te
  • Jaffacake
    That was fantastic. Next he'll be suggesting that A4 copier paper is not enough and that we should be printing on papyrus cut into heart shapes to woo clients. Jog on, mate.
  • delicious c.
  • Goto
    Joel Bauer to zwykly chuj!
  • Business B.
    [...] something that Joel Bauer opened our eyes to recently with the near-Jack Bauer intensity of his business card ‘lecture’ – but as of now, everything he says is irrelevant. You’re dead in the water now Bauer and you [...]
  • Jayne M.
    Okay, Let’s Say I’m An Eighteen Old Country Boy Living On A Farm Looking For A Great Way To Make Money Online?: An

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