Jet2 forced to be more upfront about sneaky add-on charges

Jet2 got off lightly last week when we canvassed your opinion on the worst budget airline around (Ryanair won at the kind of canter that could launch a plane skywards if it lifted its nose in the air,) but the Office Of Fair Trading haven’t been so kind to them following an investigation prompted by a sizey bunch of complaints.

The bosses at Jet2 have been forced to change the way they do things on their website following the OFT’s snooping and prodding, and have agreed to flag up non-optional costs early on in the online booking procedure, as well as carry a running total as the various sneaky fees add up.

In-flight staff have also agreed to cease their ongoing dirty protest as long as Jet2 bosses stop forcing them to eat human hair clippings during flights that last longer than three hours. Okay, we made that last one up, but we just realised there wasn’t enough meat on the bones of the story to warrant a third paragraph. And we all like a third paragraph, right crimestoppers?



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