Jam, jam, we all love jam

If you’re not making jam right now, you’re weird. The resurgence of jam making is reaching BOILING point, with a bountiful Autumn providing a surplus of fruit. And encouraged by organisations like the Women’s Institute, people are apparently jam making like their very lives depend on it. Even Kate Moss makes a plum preserve which she’s planning to launch as a brand.


Distributor RH Amar says that orders for Certo pectin were up 19% on last year, and Silver Spoon has reported a spike in sales for their jam sugar. Director of The Guild of Jam and Preserve Makers Rosemary Jamerson (I KID YOU NOT) said there was renewed interest in jam making.

'Whereas people used to come and see it as a bit lightweight and just something to try once which they hadn't done before, now they are taking it seriously because they want to know what is in their food and where it comes from,' she said. 'The rising interest is great. People want to be engaged with what they are eating nowadays.’

So when you see people on Twitter saying ‘This is my jam' - they’re probably really just talking about jam.


  • hotmail r.
    Don't know about jam but I'd like a Lucy sandwich!
  • Dr T.
    @hotmail ruuuuules "Don’t know about jam but I’d like a Lucy sandwich!" Sweet!

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