Is your domestic appliance going to kill you?

Old-FridgeOf course, we’re (probably) not talking about demonic possession, more the chilling fact that thousands of fridge owners are putting themselves at risk of injury or even death from unsafe appliances, like fridges, freezers, ovens etc because they don’t register them, so potentially never know if they are subject to a recall.

New research from YouGov, on behalf of the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (Amdea) suggests that only just over a third of consumers currently register all of their appliances with the manufacturer, which means thousands of owners are effectively untraceable if a safety repair is needed. The most recent example of a dangerous recall affecting thousands was the Russell Hobbs iron recall, which many people only found out about through social media, but three years ago the dangerous Beko freezer recall left 15 injured and one dead.

Although major safety recalls are usually communicated via advertisements and press publicity, there is currently no single authority to oversee recalls, nor to judge whether those affected are likely to have seen the relevant recall. The new portal aims to help the industry to act swiftly and contact owners when a fault is discovered in a batch of products. It is no way just another way for companies to get hold  of your contact details...

More than half of purchasers only register appliances sporadically and,because of the genuine, if small, safety risk, the government is now backing a new Amdea website, which provides easy access to the registration pages of 47 leading brands of domestic appliances in a one-stop-shop. According to Amdea, there are between six and 10 recalls of large appliances a year, but, “unlike cars, if manufacturers need to make a safety adjustment they have no way of tracing the majority of affected models”, said Chief Exec Douglas Herbison.

Consumer affairs minister Jo Swinson said: “It is so important that we make sure that we register new appliances and don’t risk missing out on key information that could save lives.”

“This initiative will make it easier for consumers to register appliances both new and old, and will help to ensure that relevant owners get vital information on product recalls and safety notices.”

So do you register your appliances? Will you, now it's theoretically easier to do on the Amdea website? Or do you only register something if it comes with a free guarantee...?

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  • Noghar
    'Three years ago the dangerous Beko freezer recall left 15 injured and one dead.' Clearly these product recalls are a menace.

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