Interactive tablecloths - restaurant futurama goodness

It's almost like Star Trek. Almost. In Soho restaurant and bar Inamo, they've sacked off the waiters who deliberately avoid eye contact with you when attempting to pay the bill, and instead brought in a fully interactive touchscreen menu.

Everything from your starters and mains courses through to your drinks order and even the table cloth can be selected through the menu. There are also links to local information, tube maps and a system for booking taxis.

There's some sleight of hand at work - there's no touchscreen capability built into the table; the images are beamed down through a series of projectors suspended overhead. It's like witchcraft. But the good sort. Not the sort that makes an arse grow out your mouth. That's the bad sort.

Have you been to Inamo and had a play for yourself? Let us know if the food appears in a replicator-stylee, or whether they've still got grunts to fetch it from the kitchen for you.



  • The B.
    I've not been to Inamo but I've had a play with myself.
  • Cooper
    We went to Inamo for our xmas company meal. Whilst the interactive menu and battleships were fun, the menu (or lack of) was pretty rubbish. There's a selection of very weird gimmicky fusion food (yuk). What killed it for me was trying to order desserts at 7pm, to find that the only thing left on the menu was sorbet! Crap!

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