Homophobic bakery finds itself in a sticky situation

bert and ernie A bakery which refused to make a Bert and Ernie cake with the slogan ‘Support Gay Marriage’ might find itself in court after saying the request went against its director’s religious beliefs.

(How can people not believe in Bert and Ernie?)

Christian-run Ashers Baking Co is in Northern Ireland, the only place in the UK where gay marriage is still illegal, but even so, apparently the bun-faced haterz have been sent a stern letter by the Equalities Commission threatening legal action if they don’t ice the message.

The request for the cake came back in May, apparently made by a LGBT activist. The bakery is being backed up by the Christian Institute, which calls for extremely specific new laws to protect small bakeries from gay marriage. In a statement they said:

'The case proves the need for the law to reasonably accommodate family-run businesses with firmly held beliefs.’

Daniel McArthur from Ashers Gay-hate-ery bakery added:

'We thought that this order was at odds with our beliefs. It certainly was in contradiction of what the Bible teaches.’

Hmm, well with that logic, they would only make cakes featuring King Herod and thousands of dead babies. Or a jolly frosted representation of the story of King David’s son Amnon, who raped his half sister and then was brutally murdered by her brother in a revenge attack. FESTIVE!

What has cake got to do with beliefs anyway? MAKE A GAY CAKE, YOU SPONGE BRAINS.


  • Alexis
    The law says you aren't allowed to refuse service on the basis on sexuality. So they didn't actually refuse service because of this, they just didn't want to pipe the message the person wanted. If they'd refuse to serve him because he was gay, then they'd be in breach. But if a bloke, straight or gay, wanted a big knob icing on it and they refused, that would have nothing to do with the bloke's orientation. The B&B guys were bang to rights, but this case is completely different. They've been setup by this organisation (which are doing their cause no favours), but they've misunderstood the law if they think they can catch them out using the same legislation in this scenario.
  • WengerAnger
    What if this has nothing to do with same-gender relationships? The bakery did not want to violate the copyrighted images of Bert and Ernie (owned by Sesame Workshop) and turned down the order. The LGBT activist may have taken this refusal the wrong way [no pun intended]. http://www.cakeboss.com/Cake-Stuff/Articles/Copyrighted-Cakes
  • Mark W.
    It's obvious that any custom or personalised message on a cake, or a T-shirt or anything, is at the discretion of the supplier. I suspect they didn't really want a cake anyway.

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