Hair-raising customer service from snippy snipping merchant

The Bitterwallet Worst UK Company of 2009 award is coming soon, and one of the minnows has made a big push for the big prize with some diabolical customer service aimed at Harj, a Bitterwallet reader.

Harj ordered some hair care products from the online store of Tops Hair Salon in Bolton a couple of weeks ago. When the goods hadn’t arrived, he enquired after their whereabouts in a nice, friendly way…

I ordered these items 8 days ago and still have not received them.
Just wondering if there's any more information, how are they sent, is there any tracking numbers?

…to which the reply came…

“they will probably be at your local sorting office”

Okay, he thought, they probably won’t be, and Harj replied to Tops, explaining why…

If they were at the local sorting office I would have had a card through the door (like my 2 Amazon deliveries this week, which were also sent second class on Monday and have been received).
Was this just sent normal delivery second class? Any tracking numbers?”

This not-unreasonable piece of reasoning seemed to get their backs up at Tops Hair Salon, bringing forth this next email from them…

“when you stop talking to me like shit and ask nicely i will answer you, put as many fucking question marks as you like”

Oh. Oh dear. No need for that, Tops Hair Salon in Bolton. Fortunately, Harj was amused by the sour turn the conversation had taken and responded with…

“Haha ace customer service!”

That must have made him look like a clever twat, at least to whoever is in charge of emails at Tops Hair Salon in Bolton, as their next email read…

“clever twat, have the products and the money. you scrota”

We think they mean ‘scrote’ although we’re not completely sure. Sadly, Harj still hasn’t received the products OR any money, and has filed a Paypal dispute. Here's hoping it gets sorted soon.

We would not recommend you bait Tops Hair Salon using the email address on their website. That would be wrong. Very wrong.


  • Mike e.
    Seems like the nice gentleman from Bolton has read Harjs email a little differently, something maybe like this, “Hi nob head You thick fuck, If they were at the local fucking sorting office I would have had a fucking card through the door durrr (like my 2 Amazon deliveries this week, which were also sent second class on Monday and have been received ages ago as Amazon are so much better than you). Was this just sent normal fucking delivery second fucking class? Any tracking numbers dumb ass? Your mum is a whore” I think they are trialing this new type of concept customer service reversal, they treat you like shit which seems to be highly fasionable at the mo.
  • Jeffrey A.
    From the conversations, I'm guessing the emails from Harj aren't quite exactly what was sent and he edited them to the above. However, thats still no excuse. Maybe BW should get an official statement from Tops!
  • Andy D.
    We've dropped them a line and are waiting for a quote from them.
  • Ashley J.
    I'm guessing "scrota" is derived from "scrotum".
  • dacouch
    Maybe they have employed one of the waiters from Wonky Jo's Chinese Restaurant to reply to their emails
  • dacouch
    I bet they are pleased what comes up when you google "Tops hair salon"
  • Ten B.
    [...] hair-raising sequence of emails from an angry online barber. Advice – never anger a barber, [...]
  • Chris M.
    Ha Ha this shop is about half a mile from my house. I might pop in later and buy some hair stuff and politely drop the line " I was on a site that was talking about you this morning " and go from there for a laugh !!!!

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