GPs are terrible drivers

19 February 2014

If you remember your family doctor as a child, he or she was probably a bit vague and dishevelled looking and had a secret bottle of whisky in their top drawer.


Well, it turns out that having a stressful job involving examining the piles of strangers makes GPs particularly accident prone – in 2013, a third of GPs made claims on their car insurance. That’s more than double the amount of claims from other professions.

Other medical workers also ranked highly for bumps and scrapes in their cars, with hospital consultants and clinical psychologists coming in second, and nurses and drug councillors third most likely to prang you in the car park.

It’s all down to the stress of looking after others and meeting NHS targets. ‘Stress can dramatically affect a person’s health and cognitive functions, ’explained psychology Professor Andrew Smith from the University of Cardiff.

‘If you are having a particularly stressful day, you may find that you become absent-minded when it comes to day to day activities, find it difficult to concentrate on tasks and that you even become especially clumsy at times.’ He added, driving into a wall.

Unsurprisingly, the least likely people to claim on their car insurance were…car dealers.

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  • Laura
    Well they do say that stress leads to accidents - what concerns me more is what accidents they might be having in surgery! If you're a bad driver how can you control an operation?

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