Game over for gambling machine addicts

We all know that any responsible government would put an outright ban on fixed odds betting machines, rather than sticking up pointless Gambleaware helpline numbers in the window of William Hill.

betting machines

Instead, the Association of British Bookmakers has decided to take the problem into its own hands, by introducing a new code of conduct to stop the scourge of problem gambling. They're installing new technology on gaming machines, so that gamers can set limits on their spending. (BECAUSE OF COURSE PROBLEM GAMBLERS ARE GOING TO SET THEIR OWN LIMITS.)

But it’s better than nothing, and the technology will also give staff an alert if someone has spent up to £250 or has been playing for half an hour. It’s being installed on 33,000 machines in England and Wales from today, and hopefully, will discourage vulnerable gambling addicts before they can get into any more trouble.

Chief exec of the ABB, Dirk Vennix said:

‘We recognise growing concerns that some customers are spending too much money or too much time on gaming machines. We want to take steps to protect them because one problem gambler is one too many.’

So, as they say in Glasgow, ‘you’re ontae plums’ – meaning that you have lost your game on the fruit machine and you must walk away from the nice flashing lights and step into the cold, wretched grasp of long term unemployment.

But will the technology work? Is the £250 limit still too high for players who are gambling with non-existent money? Maybe it would be less expensive and more effective to reconfigure the slots so that they only take 2ps, like one armed bandits in Scarborough?


  • blagga
    This doesn't have anything to do with personal problem gambling and everything to do with rampant money laundering. 'Problem Gambler' in this case = fraudster or other crim.
  • Dacouch
    Some would say that it's odd that Bet Fred are in the process of cutting their staff wages but putting in place bonuses for increasing profits from roulette machines...
  • blagga
    why was my comment deleted? I just said the reason for this is that 'problem gamblers' is a euphemism for fraudsters who are ploughing millions through these machines.
  • randomfella
    So not going to do much to stop a dealer "legitimising" his money then.... Funny that.
  • Mark W.
    I am sure the Association of British Bookmakers would be overjoyed (absolutely distraught) if there were no 'problem gamblers'.
  • Dave b.
    so someone in town loses £250, there are four machines in the bookies so can easily move around them all. then if they do get stopped from playing, they can walk out and withing half a mile there will be 2 or 3 other bookmakers welcoming them in

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