Full of Cadbury goodness...and pig

hazelnut cadbury Cadbury has been forced to recall two products in Malaysia after traces of pig DNA were found in Dairy Milk Hazelnut and Dairy Milk caramel bars. As the country is predominantly Muslim, this is what's known in the trade as a PIG’S EAR.

Pork isn’t Halal, obviously, and it has sparked outrage amongst Muslims worried that other products might be contaminated with bacon bits.

Imams from Kuala Lumpur are calling for the Cadbury plant to be shut down, and various groups have been declaring Cadbury Jihad.

"We want to know how the product became contaminated with pig DNA. The health ministry will also do additional tests," said the Malaysian health minister S. Subramaniam.

Cadbury Malaysia has apologized profusely and say they’re working with non-Islamic religious authorities to establish how the porkies got in there in the first place. They said: "Ensuring that all our products made here in Malaysia are halal is something we take very seriously."

Something tells us that M&S won't be going ahead with a Malaysian Percy Pig launch.

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  • bobinio
    Bacon chocolate sounds good. Im in.

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