For brands that do dishes…buy budget and save £100 a year

24 February 2014

Want your hands to feel as soft as your face? Well, walk away from the sink and go and buy some budget dishwasher tablets, because they’re better than most of the expensive brands.

Aldi dishwasher

It’s yet another triumph for Lidl and Aldi, whose own brand dishwasher tablets came second and third in blind test by Which! After being put through their paces with dried on egg and milk, the results were a no brainer. The best of the best was Fairy Platinum, the flashy Mazerati/Rolex/James Bond of the dishwashing world. But that costs a plate-smashing 40p a wash – four times as much as the budget ones - so sod that.

Which! tested 13 brands, including Lidl’s All In One dishwasher tablets and Aldi Magnum All in One tablets. They scored 80 and 77 out of 100 respectively, putting them in the Best Buy category. The complete wash outs were Morrisons and Asda own brands, which were slammed with a ‘DON’T BUY’ sticker. (Boo hiss).

Also, Which! pointed out that if you swap your fancy Fairy Platinum for Aldi or Lidl’s brands, you could save £100 a year. Which could go towards treating yourself to something nice – like hiring a naked butler to empty the dishwasher.

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