FireAngel of DEATH

If you have a FireAngel smoke alarm installed in your house, you might want to replace it. Which! tested 15 smoke alarms for effectiveness and found that two FireAngel products didn’t meet British safety standards. They failed in one in four test fires.


As a result, Which! have informed Trading Standards and the manufacturer, Sprue Safety Products, who are investigating. The model numbers are LSI-601 and S1-601.

So if you’ve got an evening of dropping off in your armchair with a fag in your hand planned, you’d better check the serial numbers and nip out and buy another brand as soon as possible.

Editor of Which!, Richard Headland said:

‘We advise people not to buy the two FireAngel smoke alarm models that failed to meet the required standard in one of our tests. If you think you have one installed at home and you’re concerned, you can contact the manufacturer for a free alternative.’

Wait a minute - WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH RICHARD LLOYD?? Now this is what I call an emergency…


  • Harry
    My local fire brigade removed two perfectly good smoke detectors and replaced them with one of these models. Fantastic.
  • Martin
    I have two of these models installed and have just phoned the distributor (Sprue Safety Products). They claim that they have had the products independently tested, and also assessed by Trading Standards and that they pass all relevant tests, and that they are at odds with Which over their testing. They claim that there is no need to replace the detectors and so are not changing them. So where does that leave me?
  • Nick H.
    Response from FireAngel: Since being contacted by Which? regarding the SI-601 and LSI-601 one year ionisation smoke alarms we have questioned their findings. They have so far not fully responded. An accredited, independent UK test house has tested randomly selected samples and confirmed they remain 100% compliant. It is a clear fact that working smoke alarms save lives and we continue to work closely with fire and rescue services throughout the UK to ensure that the public have the best possible protection against the risk of fire. On a different note, we’re pleased that the FireAngel ST-620 smoke alarm is listed as a Which? Best Buy, the only alarm without any ‘cons’. This is also the smoke alarm of choice of over 90% of UK Fire and Rescue Services. We have no other comment to make on the article at this time

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