Fights break out over cheap food in Tesco

19 December 2013

At some point during the House of Commons debate on Food Banks - during which heartless Tory ministers walked out LOLing at the poor people - Labour MP for Slough Fiona McTaggart told of fist fights in her local Tesco over discounted goods.


Some branches of Tesco have had to take on extra security staff, because shoppers have been scrapping for bargains. Eyewitnesses have reported people scuffling in the Reduced Section and actually taking things out of other people’s baskets. But this isn't to do with Christmas greed - it's because nobody can afford to buy full price food.

Ms McTaggart said her constituents have seen fights breaking out in her local Tesco on three separate occasions. ‘Poor people in Slough are now fighting each other in Tesco when the discount vegetables and fruit come out.’ She said. ‘Isn’t that a shocking sign in the 21st century?’

Well, you would think so. But not to Tory troll IDS, who left the debate after whooping and chuckling at tales of poverty. Where was he going? To put his feet up on a tramp and eat an entire suckling pig, perhaps.

Tesco have confirmed that this is indeed happening, and have introduced extra security measures ‘to manage the reductions to make sure all our customers can shop safely’.

Ok. You can despair now.


  • HowDareYouBlockMyComments
    Could be the beginning of social breakdown as the economic divide worsens. Imagine if we get into an apocalypse situation as well. Scuffling will becoming killing each other in no time at all.
  • jo
    The fact that this is happening, especially in Slough, does not come as a surprise to me.
  • Exactly
    There's a row going on, down near Slough.
  • jim
    thats my tescos - it always gets a bit moody by the reduced sections. lol
  • Reader
    It's what the government wants. Don't be surprised, but try to come above it.
  • Dick
    Why doesn't tesco produce some reality TV? "Fighting for Food" would be ideal for Channel 5 late night viewing.
  • Casper
    This is not only happening in Slough, I work in a Tesco in Southampton and we have the same customers in every night waiting for the reduced stuff, they are often in the store for 3 or 4 hours blocking isle making it hard for other people to shop or work, when the reduced stuff does come out they are like vultures over a carcas not even looking at what they are grabbing, they just grab what they can, the poor people putting the stuff out are often squashed in the middle of this and often have to break up squabbles between customers, the management don't seem to care, as last night they just laughed at two of my colleagues when they told them what happened, it is getting to the point where we are not safe doing our jobs
  • loishamaltone
    Yup. This is my local asda to a tee. I used to pop in after work for some bargains, but screw that. A few rude and pushy people just clear the bargains into their trolly like it is the apocalypse leaving none for anyone else. One lady seemed to cultivate the odor of rotting meat, just to have the bargain aisle to themselves. Come on people. However everyone else is 'hiho chaps, I have two packages of houmous, would you like one', some elderly ladies once asked me round for dinner, as they got most of the bargains and felt bad. I now go shopping in the morrisons in a posh town nearby. No rude behaviour, and its beer encrusted artisian loafs for everyone in the misted vegetable aisle. DONT GIVE THE FERAL ASDA DENIZENS A BUS PASS, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.
  • Milky P.
    Same in my local Braintree store. I went in at 8 one night and saw a group of people, I wondered what they were up to so walked up the isle and noticed they were waiting at the reduced bit - there was nothing left in the shelf but their trolleys were full of reduced stuff - one had about 20 punnet of 10p strawberrys. There were about 15-20 people there. I did a big shop, left at 9 and they were still there, some were leaning on the cheese counter as it was obviously hard work. A few days later I went in and it looked like the same people again. I saw the Tesco worker wheel out a load of reduced stuff - he had a fucking security guard with him - the tramps ran at him and dived in, it looked like where they drop food parcels off in third world countries. I'm all for saving money and buying reduced, I often check out what's left, but it takes the piss when the same few people get all the good stuff.
  • noshit
    "Good stuff"
  • Russ
    There were fights in my local ASDA over Black Friday deals, led to tannoy announements about peoples behaviour, security being called and finally a first aider
  • noshit
    They stole the shit outta me arse looking for the good stuff.
  • Kitty
    The only genuinely poor people in this country are low paid workers. Anyone on benefits can get by more than happily.
  • Kevin
    ' But this isn’t to do with Christmas greed – it’s because nobody can afford to buy full price food' Bullshit.
  • Big M.
    The stories I've heard about Tesco and the reductions are unreal. And yes it is the same cunts in day in and day out looking for reductions on any old shit. Cunts.

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